The Pursuit of Happyness Summary of the Film

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  • Introduction
  • The Narrative in The Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Actor's Performance
  • Conclusion


'The Pursuit of Happyness' is based on the actual story of Chris Gardner whose struggled to keep his young son in good living conditions. The movie displays the phrase ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ as noted by way of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence that everyone is allowed the right of 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' Chris Gardner reflects on the pursuit of happiness as cited in the Declaration of Independence that all people are created equal. He realizes that happiness is challenging to pursue.

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The Narrative in The Pursuit of Happiness

The storytelling was unique as Chris Gardner, describes his life lifestyle filled with hardships, raising his son, internship, and happiness. The chapter of his life represents the pursuit part when Gardner is going through a constant struggle to acquire happiness. The struggles introduced in the film are the sequence of problems that overwhelmed him at that disaster of his life. His life was loaded with many dilemmas such as his obstacle in losing his job, his wife forsaking him, going completely bankrupt and becoming homeless, and joining an unpaid program with an uncertain future while he was jobless. The closing chapter of his life exhibits the happiness part when he finally got a job offer as a stockbroker and went on to construct his very own firm earning thousands of thousands of dollars.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Actor's Performance

In 'The Pursuit of Happyness' Will Smith did an exceptional performance. His performing abilities in the movie exceeded action films Will Smith is known for. He illustrated the position of Chris Gardner, trouble, struck down man dealing with the toughest time of his life, the acting becomes so actual that his exponential overall performance provides a genuine understanding of the personality of Gardner who is so financially unstable that he waits in hopelessness with his son in front of a shelter to manage a resting place for the night. Besides Smith, every other personality that astonishes the audience is Smith's own son Jaden Smith who performed the position of Gardner's son Christopher. The director Gabriele Muccino made a stupendous selection by means of choosing Will Smith's own son Jaden to play the function of the lead character's son due to the fact the father-son duo superbly replicates the relationship between Gardner and his son. Christopher was the source of strength for Gardner to stay via all the hardships he encountered and both Jaden and Will Smith delivered a great performance.


The motion pictures of the film 'The Pursuit of Happyness' is excellent. The filmer used light, and shots to actualize the director's vision. Throughout the The Pursuit of Happyness summary of the film , a range of close-up shots has been used to catch the facial expressions of the actors. For example, in the scene in which both Gardner and his son would spend the night locked inside a public restroom, the child would sleep quietly with his head laid on his father's lap. The sounds used throughout the movie, the sound of depressing music in the background to initiate the viewer to feel empathy. The lighting is gentle to contrast with the setting. As well as the uncommon spelling of 'happyness' in the movie has hidden meanings. My interpretation is that the 'y' in the phrase makes it important for us to notice that happiness is not simply achieved but has to be pursued. Analyzing the film it is clear that the plot of the film is divided of which brings out the battle phase of the lead character while the remaining one focuses on the part of happiness. The most specific content used in the movie s the theme of the pursuit of happiness. The intentional misspelling of the word in the title of the movie and the movie opening with the phrase ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ as cited by means of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence all form the main theme of the film.

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