The Pursuit of Luxury and Novelty in Modern Design

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Luxury, according to the dictionary, is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense. And Novelty, the quality of being new, original, or unusual. Since a long time ago, people began to blindly pursue luxury and novelty in consumption. As far as I know, this phenomenon began as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. Next, I am going to discuss why it is so important to pursue the novelty of luxury and consumption in the history of modern design. Regardless of being in any social class, people want to have something luxury and novel. In the age of the 16th and 17th centuries, people can only know what is the latest and most extravagant thing through the mouths of people around them, who is a famous designer or painter.

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In the old days, the news always spread slowly. But this does not affect people's desire to buy luxury goods or enjoy advanced services. In the old days, everyone wanted to be seen as a rich man, because in the past, the treatment between the rich and the poor was very different. “For rich Tudors fashion was important. For the poor clothes had to be tough and practical. All classes wore wool. However, it varied in quality. The rich wore fine quality wool. The poor wore coarse wool.”. From here we can see the difference between the two and understand why having luxury goods has a certain impact on people's social class. In the old days, it was not easy to show off the high-end jewellery that you owned.

In the Victorian era,19th – 20th century, Balls were particularly popular among upper-class people. It was a time when society was governed by strict moral precepts, and legions of guides were published on how to behave correctly, how to dress appropriately and what to say in various specific situations. Manuals on etiquette and dancing also abounded. Since the ball is an occasion where high-class people meet, women usually take out their most expensive jewellery and dress to show off the luxury they have for others. This is an occasion for comparison, the more beautiful the clothes or the bigger the diamonds, the richer they are.

However, in this technologically advanced 21st century, high society people do not need to go to the ball to show their own luxury. They only need to send a photo through social media, which can be seen by people all over the world. Celebrities like Kardashian, Drake and Floyd Mayweather like to show their fans their luxury lifestyle through Instagram. Through their social media, we can learn about the luxury new cars they have recently purchased, or the fashion clothes they own. When we like these celebrities to share their luxury with us through social media, we certainly want to have the same things as them. For example Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga's dress is about extreme and exotic. Most of her outfits are specially designed for her, can distort her body, partially or completely cover it, or cover her natural look. Her famous costumes include The Meat Dress, The Kermit Dress, The Bubbles, The Red Veil and much more to help her become a 21st-century pop idol. Although her dress is very special, but many people appreciate it very much and many of them actually created Lady Gaga inspired look so that they can be similar to her.

According to the story of the tulip, in the 16th-19th centuries tulips were items that only wealthy people could possess. The tulip is different from other flowers that are well known in Europe at the time. Its petals are saturated, and the colour of the petals is not found in other plants. The emergence of tulips is in line with the rise of the newly independent Dutch trade, and as the country has begun its golden age, Amsterdam merchants are the centre of lucrative East Indies trade, where a voyage can bring 400% Profit. Therefore, the tulip soon became a status symbol and quickly became a luxury that people dreamed of. With the growing popularity of the tulip market, nobility, citizens, farmers, mechanics, sailors, servants, maids, and even chimney cleaners are all involved in tulip trade.

In the recent year, the virtual money driven by Bitcoin has turned into the focal point of market interest, driving costs to record highs. In December last year, Bitcoin went to an unequalled high of almost 20,000 US dollars. Be that as it may, bitcoin costs have fallen in a flash after nations heightened their control of virtual cash and the programmer assaults on virtual money trades. This year they fell beneath the $7,000 check. The situation of virtual currency skyrocketing and plunging has drawn attention from all walks of life.

Yang Chin Long, the president of the central bank, especially talked about virtual currency issues at the press conference of the first meeting of the supervisors meeting this year. He said that 87.5% of Bitcoin is held by 0.61% of the account, the ownership is highly concentrated, the price is subject to human control, and whether it can play the "price discovery" function remains to be seen; and since 2015, bitcoin prices have soared Beyond the 17th century "Tulip Mania", it is likely to become the biggest bubble in history. For those who support Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a true electronic gold, with a constant output of 21 million pieces, which is more resistant to inflation than gold; but for those who against the bitcoin, it is almost a "21st century tulip". The simplest and ridiculous financial scam.

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