The Qualities Needed to Be an Ambassador

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The Qualities Needed To Be An Ambassador

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A cultural ambassador is a face of the country and I define three characteristics he should have. Firstly, cultural ambassadors should accept responsibility for any words and actions they have said or done. It is really important to care in what order you express your opinion especially if you work with people. You need to bear in mind that everything what would be done, people would consider not only for you, but for your nation itself.

Secondly, you need to be open-minded and easy going. I am sure that a cultural ambassador should visit as many events as he can because he is interested in it. Also, he should stay calm even under pressure and panic (of course, it is okay if you forget some words in English or you cannot find a classroom for your performance but an ambassador is always ought to find decisions quickly). Cultural ambassadors visit different events all the time and I actually can have any of these situations but

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I would like to consider the second situation. To begin with, I think that when a lot of young people meet, it is a great opportunity to make friends all over the world and possibly meet your future colleagues (maybe you both will work in the Ministry of Education in your countries), so you need to behave correctly. For example, I would not have jokes about some stereotypes of any country. People could laugh at your 'joke' but in the future you could be considered as a rude person from that festival.

Also, when you become a cultural ambassador, it will be forever with you, there are no ex Fulbright alumni, When I sign up this letter, I realize that I can win the scholarship and then represent Yakutia and Russia in the USA, and it means that my duty will be always above my own ego. Therefore, if I would be very exhausted at this festival, I would visit all events anyway because it is the part of being an ambassador.

Moreover, you need to be enterprising and creative. If there are no any cultural events at that international festival, you can make a group of people who want to share their culture as well. As for me, I would tell about the life in the North, how beautiful, unique and dangerous it is. When I was studying in South Korea, we did not have any cultural events in our term, so my friends from Indonesia and I created 'National cuisine day'. Finally, I would point that a cultural ambassador is always ready to study, even if he is already well educated but you need to always represent contemporary knowledge.

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