The Qualities of Strong Relationships

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A strong relationship will stay strong if the two people put in effort in the relationship they will stay together a relationship cant work one way it had to work both ways. In a relationship there a 3 things that need to be established is communication,loyalty, and trust if you have those three things there´s nothing that can stand in your relationships way.For example my relationship with my dad died he abandoned me when I was in 2nd grade left me and my family without saying a word. There was a lack of communication he walked out on us for no reason. Are there any qualities of strong relationships?

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I lived my life without a father for 15 years I found him I got back in touch with him and he slowly earned my trust back thought it´d be different this time maybe he´s changed. My relationship with my dad ended 5 months later my older sister left to New York and my dad had got depressed that he had just got back in touch with us for one of us to leave. He stopped talking to me no communication he would shoot me a message asking me how I was but he didnt for 2 weeks.

I called him a random time in the day and he had answered turns out I had a new sibling with a lady I never knew he had dissapeared because he had another family.He told me he was taking care of them and that he was struggling with his job and was to busy to let me know. I fell in shock that my dad had another family and my sister wasn´t next to me to hold me when I found out the news.He later stopped talking to me again went ghost mode for the 3rd time I gave up on looking for him I decided that I didn´t need him back then and I don´t need him now.

I had self educated myself I taught myself how to tie my own shoes,dress myself, taught myself how to work no need to have a father.The relationship died because there was a lack of effort on one side my father stopped keeping in touch I would look for him call him text him and nothing. I gave up once I found out about his second family I decided he doesn´t have time. So in a relationship you should always value each other not give up on each other and be there for one another all the time. If something is going on one should let the other know so they aren´t worried on the other end because you haven´t kept in touch.

Strong relationships can last,the longest relationships are the strongest of all in order to have one you need to know you want the relationship you know your loyalty is to your partner and no one else like girlfriends wife´s etc. You need to know each other, you need to go out and figure out what you have in common meet each other families. Plan and really plan dates.

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