The Qualities of Success: Self-Control, Social Intelligence and Curiosity

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People in the world can be divided into three categories: Leaders, Opponents and Incompetent. Everyone wants to be a Leader because the leader is equal to success. But how did they do it? Many people will say that their success is accidental, but they are lucky and happen to succeed. Others say, they can succeed because they are smarter than the average person. They are born with high IQ, so they can find out what ordinary people can not find and then succeed and success is easy for them. In my opinion, the key to success is self-control, social intelligence and curiosity.

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Self-control is the foundation of success. What is self-control? Self-control is the ability to control one’s emotions completely and consciously and to control actions. I found the first key to success from the story of my friend. In addition to her English subjects score is D, other subjects are all A +. Her English score was the worst in the class. Then she set a goal for themselves, control their own continuous learning English every day. Recite five words every day and force yourself to listen to English broadcasts. She controls herself to insist on learning with this learning method. In fact five words not too much, but to be able to control their own stick, and that is a leap in quality. In the end, she improved her English, and received an offer from Imperial College of London. Self-control helped her improve her English and succeeded.

Social intelligence is the business card of success. It can measure a person’s success or not. Because social intelligence is a network of relationships between people. People use this network of relationships to help, communicate and connect. Just like I took my own short film, I need to use social intelligence. Because I can not complete the short film by myself, I need to set up a film group. Team members were friends who know each other through the social intelligence network. When the group was established, I still need funds. I participated in a movie investment meeting. At the meeting, I told everyone about my ideas and concepts. In the end, I succeeded in getting an investment. To be successful, you must know how to promote yourself. A reasonable way to propaganda themselves out to let others see their own advantages and strengths. You need to show them your abilities. No successful person is a person who succeeds silently at home. You need to develop from one person to ten people, let your target group see your abilities, and then develop from ten people into 100 people. You need to constantly expand your social circle and eventually form your own circle and become a leader.

Curiosity is the engine of success. Curiosity will ignite your interest in one thing and will inspire your desire to explore. When there is a question, you want to go to solve it. Curiosity will push you forward from a subjective and voluntary perspective. When I was a child, I always wondered why there were so many different people on TV. Do they all live in TV sets? Once the TV was broken, it could not display the picture. Curiosity drove me to take the TV apart and wanted to find the answer. Once the TV is broken, it cannot display the picture. Curiosity drove me to dismantle the TV, I want to find the answer. When I opened it, I found that there were only a few wires inside, and there was nothing inside. But I still have not given up, because I want to know, what caused the TV to not appear, I kept searching for information on the Internet, and finally, with the help of Dad and the network, we successfully repaired the TV. The same is to solve problems, but when people with curiosity to explore, it will be more efficient, more fun. Interest will guide you, making it easier for you to find the direction of success and then succeed. Newton to discover the law of gravity but also because of his curiosity. When the apple fell, he was thinking, why did things on the earth fall to the ground after losing support, and would not fall in the other direction? Curiosity guides him to constantly pursue and explore and find the answer.

Self-control, social wisdom and curiosity these three qualities are very important. Every quality is indispensable. Of course, success must also have other conditions, but the above qualities are the most important. Because they can help you succeed. Success depends on more rational self-control, the ability to develop social and social connections, and curiously explore. The quality of success is worth learning. Of course, I can not assure you that here a 100%, you have the quality of these successful you are the next Bill Gates. But I can assure you that when you have these qualities, you will be one step closer away from success.

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