The Quality of Health Care on Socioeconomic Factor, Including Underserved Population

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In our world today, the second most leading cause of death is cancer which was recorded in 2015 (Zuber, 2019). The two health disparities that are associated with this cause of death is socioeconomic status and underserved populations (“Examples of Cancer Health Disparities”, n.d.). Socioeconomic status measure’s someones social, economic, and work status. At times, the battle to fight cancer may become very difficult, but one’s socioeconomic status could affect each person differently. 

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Underserved populations could have the issue of not having access to quality care and therefore not catching cancer at an early stage (“Examples of Cancer Health Disparities”, n.d.). A person’s socioeconomic status can affect one’s ability to get health care. A person with more education is more likely to get a a higher paying job that provides health insurance (“Health Disparities in Cancer”, 2014). People who have higher incomes and health insurance are more likely to get tests that can find cancer early, and receive treatment quicker. Social and economic conditions result in a social difference in diet quality that contributes to health inequalities. (“Health Disparities in Cancer”, 2014). Two Social Determinants of Health that relate to this disparity is early life and unemployment (Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003). A person’s early life is important because there is a chance to increase the general level of education and provide equal opportunity of access to education, to improve the health of mothers and their children in the long run (Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003). The most crucial difference between social classes is the quality of the nutrients they receive. The poor tend to substitute cheaper processed foods instead of choosing fresh food. People on low incomes, such as the unemployed, are the least able to eat well (Wilkinson & Marmot, 2003). 

The unemployed often have less education, therefore they may not have the right education in eating properly, in addition to the price of healthy food which can be difficult to afford. A health policy solution policy aimed to help this disparity is making healthy organic food more affordable. If the government lowered their prices on organic food then I think it would be easier for lower-income families to pick the healthier option. Also, food stamps are prohibited from buying vitamins and medicines from the store (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, 2017). The government should allow these items to be bought to improve your health. 

The main possible solution would be if the government contributed a certain amount of money on the food stamps strictly for organic food, then there could be a greater possibility of the money being used. One of the ethical principals that are used in the policy solution is justice. Justice means fairness and treating people equally would be presented (Zuber, 2019). If organic food was cheaper this would give everyone an equal opportunity and providing lower-income families an opportunity to spend money on organic food. The second ethical principle being used is Beneficence, which means benefit or doing good (Zuber, 2019). It can also be seen as an act of charity or kindness of doing good to others. Placing these laws would be as an act of kindness, and beneficial, especially for the lower-income families. 

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