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The Question Of Euthanasia And The Right To Die With Dignity

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Mercy killing, from the Greek word meaning “easy death”, is the practice of helped suicide with the plan/purpose of relieving pain and suffering. Mercy killing is also known as mercy killing. Like all things that deal with life and death, it has been a (something that causes arguments between people) subject of debate due to its seeming violation of a person’s basic right to live. As a law, mercy killing is accepted in some countries. Mercy killing is also one of the most actively researched and subjects in modern world. Surveys taken in the United States point to that a guessed 46% of doctors agree that mercy killing should be allowed for certain situations, with 41% disagreeing completely and 14% believe it to be strongly hinting guilt, but not proving it. Often, the discussion revolves around the right to life; anti-mercy killing supporters argue that mercy killing violates a person’s basic right to live. What they do not see is that our “life” as human beings hints death. Without death, we do not have “human life” by its very definition. Human life cannot happen without death. Therefore for those that argue that every person has the basic right to live, they also agree that every person has the basic right to die.Because we can decide the course of our lives by our own will, we have the right to live our lives and figure out our own course.

Naturally it follows that the same self-deciding ability we have as human beings also gives us the basic right to decide/figure out how we die. It is also important to think about that the right to life has no say over the right to die. The right to live and the right to die are two separate, although related rights. They are also in the sense that the right to live concerns itself only with self-serious and stubborn life and ends with the right to die. The right to die on the other hand begins where life ends in death. While you live, you exercise your right to life; when your life ends, you exercise your right to die. It is important to think about that we refer to self-decided or natural death and not death resulting from someone directly removing from you your life, by that/in that way restricting your right to live. If such significant weight in this sense is given to our right to live, should we not also give equal weight to our right to die.

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Beyond the suggestions of man’s right to live or die lies man’s clear and basic right to choose. Everything is touched by this clearright, from what you will have for breakfast to what you will believe, what your opinions are and what you do with your life. The community of people that we have built is founded on this very right, and changes because our built-in nature is explored. Without any concern about the result, no one can question your right to free will. The right to choose is basic and applies to all elements of “human life”, which by the nature of human life, includes the right to choose how you die. As an example, terminally ill individual who is now under significant pain may choose to die with self-respect, as is their right. To deny someone this is to deny them their personal independence and is an act that is trespassing on there people.

While ideas such as self-respect are defined by social majority, an individual, possessing all the rights of a human being, may perceive a serious and self-respecting death to be better than constant suffering. He may decide on mercy killing, and this choice should be available to him. Very simply, this is his right to choose, as equally as he made his choices when faced with facts or conditions in life. It cannot be questioned should he decide to act on it. In the case of mercy killing, we simply request help to help this right of choosing how to exit this world. Nobody thinks of their death and desires it to be very painful or upsetting. Clear and sensible human beings desire a good, gave/given respect to end to an in a perfect world long and productive life. Situation, like luck, may not always be in your favor. It may not even be a terminal disease, which is so often used in pro-mercy killing arguments. It can be as animal-like as a freak or as simple as falling down the stairs to put you in a world of extremely painful pain. While this is never to be wished on anyone, for those that have had the bad luck of being identified a disease or its cause with a terminal or painfully very harmful disease must have a choice out of it.

Do we, who so desire a good death, have the right to judge others’ state when we know nothing of it? Do we have the right to compare their experiences day by day, having experienced none of them, and say that they don’t deserve to die with self-respect, the way they want to die? The answer is of course, no, we have no right to deny them the serious and self-respecting death that we ourselves naturally desire. To do so would be selfish and we would effectively be causing an inconvenient situation our own desires on that person, by that way restricting their freedom.


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