The Question Whether Schools Should Be Year Round

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A year round schools are the most critical type of school you could ever think of. Think of it like this you came to a new community and it is August 24 and you play with your new buddies. The next day you expect to wake up late like a typical summer break, but out of the ordinary, your mom shakes you up and said wake up you are going to be late for school! At first, you think it’s a trick but wait till school starts in summer break. You also think it’s from a dialogue from a movie but in reality, it’s a nightmare! Thousands go to these schools and come back for summer breaks to schools with only 1 month off! Students should not be in Year-round schools and Year-round schools should be banished. My first reason year-round schools should be excluded is parents with children that go to 2 different schools ( year-round and traditionally ) Will have challenges to work with 2 schedules. Articles state that ” Families with children in different schools of districts may be faced with conflicting school break schedules”. If you are in year-round school and your brother or sister is not, you won’t be able to do things together or go out together. Also working parents may find it harder to find child care for shorter breaks during the year. Therefore the long summer break when summer camp and other full-time activity. 

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This means it will be hard to find child care in shorter breaks and also it will be hard to get into short summer camps. Not only year-round schools are bad for parents but also for students. Students say year-round schools are distractive for them. Articles state that “Frequent breaks are mainstay of year-round schools in Virginia Beach, Virginia says they found the 2-week breaks to occur 6 weeks at the school disruptive. They say it was really hard to get involved in the work because as soon as you gear up, you gear back down again”. Students are distracted by getting ready for school then put you bags down multiple times in the year. Year-round schools are to be targetted down. There are various reasons why Year-round schools are horrible. Students are distracted by too many breaks in the year. You will not be able to see your brother or your sister if you are in year-round school and she/he is not. You will not be able to find child care in the middle of the year or get into clubs like summer camp, basketball, etc. Year-round schools are the dangerous type of school you ever want to be near. If you obey this you are safe but if you don’t remember you were warned.  

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