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The Racial Profiling That Occur In Life And Reaction Inflecting The Neighbor Community

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With the development of this diverse society, some racial issue also appeared in the society. In this research, I focus on racial profiling in neighbors the relationship between neighbors with different races. Racial profiling also causes some issue in the community such as white called the police officers because of blacks considering as threats walking around in the community.Research shows that although society is improving, trust among people is decreasing. “The number of Americans who believed others could be trusted most or all of the time fell from 55% in 1960 to 30% in 1998, according to the Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America at Harvard University.” said by Linda. Community police officers usually stand on the whites sides also cause the racial profiling in their mind. Being a community police officers, they should be trained by the professional program that promotes relationships between neighbors in the community and make a fair and reasonable solution in the civil disputes. Community police officers may treat all races same and be respectful to each other. In this research paper, I want through the racial profiling examples that occur in life and reaction inflecting the neighbor community to list my point of view and hope to make this community better.

A big part of reason cause racial profiling is the trust is reducing between people in the community. A white man spending the holiday in North Carolina. He was calling the police on a black family who is trying to swim in their neighborhood swimming pool because he thinks the black family is not wealthy enough to live in the area. He asked the address of the black family and also want them to show their ID to prove they are living here. It is frustrating that the white man not only did not apologize to the black family, but also refused to communicate with the police very rudely, and refused to apologize to the black family. In this resource, the white man has the racial profiling that the black family didn’t have the same economic strength to staying here also he considering the black family is the uncertainties in thecommunity. In Claude’ book, he states an example that a black young man who is whistling the song Vivaldi walking on the street, people who pass by him using strange eyes to looking at him and consider him as a threat. In the United States, people believed that the black has a higher crime rate compared to other races. During the year from 1973 to 1992, the violent crime rate recorded by the US. Department of Justice.

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“Teenage black males have the highest victimization rate (113 per 1,000 in 1992),while elderly white females have the lowest rate (3 per 1,000).Teenagers,in general, have very high rates: 90 per 1,000 for teenage white males, 55 per 1,000 for teenage white females, and 94 per 1,000 for teenage black females. (Bureau..)”

In this statistic shows that blacks have the higher crime rate compared to whites, there are a lot of statistics like this spearhead to black people that they are potential crimes.This shows that people have a fear of black people, the concern is not about the race because they are black, the fear is about violent crime. With the more violent crimes happens by blacks people post the crime stickers onblacks. In my opinion, the statistic is indicated thing’s regular patterns, and it is not accurate enough to define what could happen in the future especially for the violent crimes.

Back to the news that the white man who calls the police officers has the concern that the black family may do something is not ruled enough, and he scared off potential crime. Also as a lot of news that against blacks, the white man has the stereotype of the black family and call the police officer even the black family are doing fine in the community. In my opinion, the ways to make the community being better is that people are being respected by each other and start trust people who are living next door, stop using stereotypes to define the strangers. Back in the day, the reason that people living in the community are that communicate with each other and build a better relationship between neighbors. Living in the same community neighbors may help each other when need helps.

The lack of trust between neighbors is a questionable thing which we need to think about that and to find the ways to build the confidence in each other. In recent times, there has been an incident of racial profiling around us. In recent times, there has been an incident of racial discrimination around us. A young black investor Michael was photographing a house in a neighborhood where he was walking around. While the black investor was taking pictures of his house, a white woman was angry to see him. Because of the black man, white women call her children at home who were playing in the yard. The white women were rude and shouted to Michale, “what are you doing here?”Michael explained that he was an investor and he had a contract with the house here, and he had the right to enter the house here. The white woman did not believe him and called the police. The attitude of white women was very unfriendly, mainly because Edward was black. The arrival of the police did not drive Edward away like this white woman. After Michael and the police explained his investor identity, it also showed that Michael worked here and had the housing contracts. In some cases in the past, the police had some prejudice against blacks and people of color that would help white people in the case. But here the police do not choose bias, but justice. After communications between police officers and Mr. Machale, police told the white woman that Machale had the right to work here and not interfere with Machale. At this time, the police officers chose to treat the case fairly, which made me feel that the police had experienced professional training. In this case, the police did what he was supposed to do, understood what happened and how it happened, and viewed the incident from a neutral perspective. As a white police officer, they did not favor white women over Mr. Machale because he was black, nor did they embarrass him. The police also told Machale that if the white women still drove him away, he would call the cops back at any time.What the police do here is the most legitimate and correct part of the law and a test of training.But such incidents of racial profiling among neighbors require us to think about what influences the relationship between neighbors, and most of them are problems of trust between neighbors.

The United States is a mixed country, where people of different races live in different habits, religions and education degrees. It’s not easy to get along when people of all races live in the same community.The problem of trust between neighbors is partly due to racial differences. As Dorrit Posel and Tim Hinks said that,

“A common finding from studies of trust in the U.S. is that there are significant race differences in people’s willingness to trust. In particular, t Part of the explanation for these race differences is that there are a range of individual and community characteristics which vary by race and which also influence trusting behaviour. (Dorrit)”

Trust issue between neighbors also have a lot of factors, like Tim said, in the interpersonal communication, people are willing to believe in a higher education level, and a higher economic level, compared with black in the overall environment of education levels did not like white as high education level, and economic level is not very good. At the same time, the survey shows that those who are trustworthy have more friends and groups, and there are groups and individuals in the society. People have a higher value of trust in a group, and those who are independent have less trust than those who are individuals because they don’t have a lot of feedback from others.When we think back to our neighbors on a daily basis, do we have a lot of experience interacting with our neighbors, and many people will say very little. Relationships and communication with other people are a way to promote relations, like watering a sapling every day, and relationships need to be nurtured over time.


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