The Real Connection Between Social Media and Mental Health

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In this modern world, Social media became an essential tool to stay up to date in order to compete with the world. Today, Social media is not only a platform for entertainment but also communication, news, and controversies. It has really changed the way people live their lives today.

Did you ever ask yourself, is social media harmful to mental health and the real connection between social media and mental health?

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Let this start by asking you a question. When was the last time you liked a post on Facebook? Tweeted an idea on twitter? Followed someone on Instagram? Watched a video on Youtube? Or updated your skills and experiences on LinkedIn? Most probably it was five minutes ago, isn’t it? That explains how much we are addicted to social media.

The supposed effects of social media on young people are harsh enough to make anyone switch off their cell phones. Meanwhile, some studies linked it with some of the serious mental health issues such as Decreased self-esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Feelings of inferiority and Deterioration in concentration and other symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

If you find that social media is destroying your emotional wellness, you are not the only one. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals have seen drastic symptoms in patients who feel they’re being badly affected by their online social activity Here are some of the symptoms that show you are spending too much time on social media that can result into mental health loss.

Low self-esteem during or after using social media.

Negatively comparing yourself to others with their social media content.

Frequently feeling envious of others while surfing on social media.

Less capability to concentrate

Sleeping disorders.

According to a survey from the American Psychiatric Association. Only 5% of visits on social media results in positive for their mental health, the survey found another 45% results in both positive and negative effects. Two-third of the respondents believe that surfing on social media results in isolation and loneliness.

Without a doubt, social media has a good side too. Social media has provided access to opinions and information that can expand our minds and points of view. It has provided us a platform to express, explore, and experience. It really makes the world a global village. Social media helps the young generation in many fields such as Connectivity, Education, Promotion, and Awareness. You can share your problems with the community in this global village to get help and guidance. Either it is helping in terms of money or term of advice, you can get it from the community you are connected with.

The verdict is still under discussion and observation either it is harmful to mental health or not? Keeping the things simple we can say that “Everything in excess is bad”. And almost everything has its pros and cons. Keeping them in mind could get beneficial results.

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