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The Real Decentralized Ecosystem

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In our present world, electronic and carrying out bank operation on your phone has been the order of the day. there is a transformation of money from tangible thing to numbers which are digital used on the internet. This is possible because internet is a progression that is neutral for newly formed currency. This new currency exist as cryptographically preserved digital code with string called cryptocurrency. This coin are made so as to be used as an exchange medium. As at today, crypto are created and released on daily bases or close to. All this currency released have a unified concept which is the implicit architectural technology known as blockchain. As efficient as this digital money is, there exist some anormallis that needed to be corrected. Part of the anormallis include:

Throughput. It take more time for block chain networks to process a transaction compared to the traditional network of centralized payment network. Research shows that a network of bitcoin will take ten minutes or even more to get a transaction confirmed. while a visa network can effectively process and complete two thousand transactions within a second. Comparing this data, its quit obvious that a visa which is centralised network of payment is faster compare to decentralized network which is expected to be the best. Other problems are, security, latency to mention but few.

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To tackle this anormallis, the infinity Project lead by the Taewon Kim who has the believe that living in era that the strength of technology from blockchain and net can provide a better and very transparent globe, has introduce a dependable and efficient crypto called hycon. This hycon is made so as to solve some of the problems encountered from the previously existing crypto

Advantages of Hycon Over Other Cryptocurrencies

Since the anormallis has been identified, it makes it easier to put up measures of solving them. here are some of the advantages you stand to get that other currencies cannot offer;

To start with, Time for comfirmation of transaction is superb, quick and fast. Hycon will ensure that we have a much blocks that are published within reasonable interval of time.

Further more, hycon is a coin that is flexible. The team that produce hycon (infinity Project team) had made a decision to eradicate the traditional perspective of the rigid development of money available in most of the previous existed crypto. Thereby introducing a platform that is flexible for implementation will will allow the incorporation divers monetary model.

In addition, Mean of exchange is securely decentralized. One of our active area for the platform is that, we ensure that various cryptocurrency exchange is done with a decentralized approach. Exchange of currency depends majorly on decentralization to trade cryptocurrencies very quick and as well cheap. Moreover, the decentralize policy need users to trust fiat which belong to them and also holding of crypto to exchange.

In conclusion, hycon mode of design from the beginning is be speedy, less expensive, scalable and as well secure. This makes it prepared for acceptance and used for various solutions of the globe.


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