The Real Truth - a Dilemma in My Life

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  • Introduction
  • The Dilemma
  • The moment when understanding comes


Early in my career, I was interviewing for a junior management role in the operation department. The position became available after a team leader resigned and the advertisement was posted on the internal vacancy list. The company had a clear policy that all jobs were to be advertised internally and externally to ensure fair recruitment process.By reviewing my experience, working two years full time as a technician, I decided to apply for the position. The interview was conducted mainly by section leader of the operation section accompanied by one HR officer. Before going into the interview, i have heard rumors that the section leader and one of the candidate may be in an unprofessional relationship.I have seen them coming to work and leaving together on multiple occasions. At the time, i was not confident that i will be offered the job considering it was my first full time job and work experience within the department. It was a difficult decision for me as to speak to the HR department before the interview or just remain silent.

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The Dilemma

Before entering the analysis, it is essential to identify the dilemma present in the case above. A dilemma can be described as a mutually exclusive event where two or more choices can be made but conflict each other in nature. By making a choice would eliminate the other choices being made at the same time. In the case above, the interviewer may have been in a unprofessional relationship with one of the candidates. Myself as a candidate has two choices to make, Speaking to the HR department and report the possible conflict which may backfire. Not doing anything and let it pass by which could be unfair to candidates therefore, the dilemma is 'whether to speak to HR about the relationship without causing damage to future career'.

The moment when understanding comes

It is also worth mentioning that i came from a non-western culture where I was taught in school ‘Trivialize to nothing' and heard family stories when speaking up could cause serious trouble.Especially from older generation in the family who has been through the 'Campaign to Suppress Counter revolutionaries' led by Mao Zedong for many migrants settling into Australia, the absolute sense of justice will be different. However, most individuals including myself are still adjusting to the Australia standard. The Ethics and SCR class was a great opportunity for me to close the gap and understand the Australian/Western culture.

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