The Reason Why Are Heroes Important in the Community

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Heroes in a Community

A hero is someone who shows courage when faced with problems. A hero is a person who helps others who are in danger or someone who is there to give others strength to go through the difficulties. In John Steinbeck's Cannery Row and Lloyd Jones' Mister Pip, both characters, Doc and Mr. Watts accept the roles of leaders within their community, and in doing so become Heroes in the community by 1) Showing Respect and 2) Being Role Models. Ultimately the authors showcase that unity is one of the most important aspects in each story.

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Showing Respect for all and having friendship allows them to be the Hero in the community. Doc from Cannery Row, shows respect for all the individuals within his community which allows him to realise the importance of community. Doc shows empathy and kindness by helping friends and families through a hard time. In the text it states 'Now Doc of the Western Biological Laboratory had no right to practice medicine. It was not his fault that everyone in the Row came to him for medical advice. Before he knew it he found himself running for shanty to shanty taking temperatures giving physics borrowing and delivering blankets and even taking food from house to house where mothers looked at him with inflamed eyes from their beds, and thanked him and put the full responsibility for their children's recovery on him. When a case got really out of hand he phone a local doctor and sometimes one came I'd it seemed to be an emergency. But to the families it was emergency. ' (Steinbeck, 89) Evidently this shoes that all though Doc has little medical background, he is still able to help the members of Cannery Row when they are in need; by demonstrating kindness and being empathetic. Doc shows guidance by helping to provide to everyone when they are in need. Additionally this shows that Doc serves as the glue of Cannery Row by bringing the people in the town together.

Despite Doc's kindness and empathy, Doc shows that he listens to the others and the members of the community also listens to Doc. In the texts it states ' Hazel said 'If we knew when Doc's birthday, we could give him a birthday party .' Mack's mouth was open. Hazel constantly surprised him. 'By God, Hazel, you got something.' He cried. 'Yes, sir, if it was his birthday there'd be presents. That's just the thing. All we got to find out is when it is.'' ( Steinbeck, 147) Furthermore, this demonstrates that Doc is a patient and understanding man. Although Doc may have given Mack the wrong birthday he does not stop Mack from planning another party for him. This shows that even though Mack's first party for Doc goes down hill he still shows his appreciation for Doc and listens and looks to him for advice when needed.

In Mister Pip; Mr. Watts also demonstrates respect for all the Individuals within his community which allows him to realize the importance of community. Mr. Watts notices that he is an outcast because of the colour of his skin but is still able to bring the children in the community together by showing compassion towards them. In the story is states. 'I want this to be a place of light..''I want you to understand something. I am no teacher, but will do my best. That's my promise to you children. I believe, with your parents' help we can make a difference to our lives.' ( Jones, 5) Chtp. 3 This demonstrates that Mr. Watts recognizes the ideas they have about him, but instead of trying to change the conceptions they have of him, he accepts them. The barriers both the children and him begin to break down at this moment. Which allows the children to accept him on their own terms. This shows he is willing to work with his students.

In addition, Mr. Watts is able to share his knowledge with his students which demonstrates his respect towards them. In the text it says ' Mr. Watts had given us kids another world to spend the night. We could escape to another place.' (Jones, 2) Chtp.4 This demonstrates that Mr. Watts had shown the children world known as their ima8and that the world is made up of different parts, and to understand the world he is showing them that should embrace. The wisdom and knowledge that is shared.

Both characters from each story, Doc and Mr. Watts are the Role Models within their community. Doc from Cannery Row becomes a Role Model within his community. Doc becomes a role model for others by teaching them. In the story it states ' he wanted to work in the Laboratory. He swept out every day, but there was something a little wrong. He couldn't get the floor quite clean. He tried to help with grading crayfish for size. There they were in a bucket, all sizes.' ( Steinbeck, 52) This shows that even though Frankie may not great coordination he is still able to learn to learn from Doc and help him in his laboratory. It also shows that this is a way for him to shows his appreciation for Doc.

In addition, Doc is able to teach others in the community such as Hazel some of his wisdom. In the text is says 'Hazel turned one of the stink bugs over with the toe of his tennis shoe and the shining black beetle strove madly with floundering legs to get upright again. ' Well, why do you think they do it?' ' I think they're praying,' said Doc. ' What!' Hazel was shocked. 'The remarkable thing,' said Doc, 'isn't that they put their tails up in the air. The really incredible thing is that we find it remarkable. We can only use as yardstick. If we did something as inexplicable and strange would probably be praying. So maybe there praying.' ( Steinbeck, 34) This demonstrates that Doc is teaching Hazel that humans often take things for granted, and accepting something as normal and others as extraordinary. He's trying to teach Hazel's how to understand certain things in the world.

Mr. Watts, from Mister Pip also becomes a Role Model within his community in order to be the Hero. However Doc, experiences different ways of a teacher within his community. Mr. Watts not only becomes a role model but also puts others before himself.

Furthermore, Mr. Watts taught the children that survival was important; he taught them that education is important to survival. In the story it says ' And once, a long time ago and during very difficult circumstances, my Mr. Dickens had taught every one of us kids that our voices wa special, and we should remember to use it and remember that whatever else happened to us in our lives that our voices could never be taken away from us. (Jones, 28) Chtp. 28 This shows that Mr. Watts is teaching the children and Matilda that the most important thing needed to survive it's their voices. This lesson had left the children with knowledge, so they can speak and use their voices with power. He is showing that they she can apply what she's learned into her life, especially when surviving hardships.

All in all Mr. Watts put other first by sacrificing his life to save others. In the story she says ' it was only a few minutes later that we heard gunshots. Soon the two Redskins reappeared by the school house. They carried their guns on their shoulders and otherwise looked bored. Between them was the Rambo. They must have untie his hands, because he was dragging the limp of body of Mr. Watts towards the pigs. (Jones,14) Chpt. 27 This demonstrates that Mr. Watts performs a selfless act and saves the villagers by sacrificing his life for Theresa. The village recognizes Mr. Watts' braveness and generosity for them and realizes his importance to the community.

In conclusion, both characters demonstrated what it means to be a Hero for others and also showcases the importance of community. In the end both Doc and Mr. Watts accept the role of leaders within their community and become the Heroes within them; by helping someone who is in danger or someone going through a difficult time.

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