The Reason Why I Honor the American Flag as Described in the Article

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Rhetorical Analysis

In the article about Colin Kaepernick, by Rashad Robinson, made apparent that he’s was another symbol for Americans. Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem as a symbol of protesting for the equal rights of colored people and police brutality. Brian Adam Jones was another author who wrote an article about his opinion on the kneeling during the American Anthem. Robinson displayed many examples of rhetorical appeal with the usage of ethos, logos, and pathos. All the examples prove why Rashad Robinson’s article was more ethical and to my knowledge proved to be more persuasive.

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Robinson highlights how Kaepernick is one of many modern-day activists. “Colin Kaepernick was no different than Tommie Smith and John Carlos giving the Black Power salute during the 1968 Olympics, Jackie Robinson writing that he could not salute the flag as “a black man in a white world,” or the WNBA players who wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts in protest of police brutality.” Which is an exemplify of supporting a generalization with examples? This shows how there have been many other incidents where a professional athlete has stood up for civil rights.

In this article, I feel a sense of pity. This feeling of pathos is given off by all the extreme measures that must be taken for equal rights to be given. The author makes the reader feel pity because blacks have been treated unfairly. “much of the media storm focused on the symbolism of the anthem, which was interpreted to be under attack, and completely missed the equally powerful symbolism that we can only wish more Americans were obsessed with.” The media gives off this story one-sided but not from Colin Kaepernick’s side of the story or of an African-Americans side.

“As long as there is persistent injustice, there will be people who become symbols of standing up to it.” This quote describes one of the strategies of the logo, cause, and consequence. To reiterate as long as the people of color are treated unfairly, the people will have no choice but to stand up for what they believe in or what they feel is right. It’s hard enough just being black in America, but to get mistreated you finally could understand what it meant to fight in what they believed even if they were was negative situations. At the end of the day, it is also their country and what the logical reason for us to live is one and they were going to stand up for what they believe

Another strategy of testimony and authority is “Jackie Robinson writing that he could not salute the flag as “a black man in a white world,” Taking advantage of his social media and his fan base he made people understand that is not such a great world and some people just understand it’s not everything it seems to be perceived. This just proves that inequality is still alive to this day. And it has been reoccurring throughout time.

In Brian Adam Jones article, “I fought to Defend Colin Kapernicks Actions” Jones uses Ethos in his referring to his own experience. Because Brian Jones was a Marine Corps he gives very ethical reasoning in which why he believes the Colin Kaepernick is Fighting for what he believes in. For example, “The flag is sacred to me — not because it represents the service members I know who died, but because it represents the values they died to defend.” Entering these credentials would make some people feel like because he has fought for our country at one point and time.

The sense of patriotism is given as this article is read. Which is an example of pathos? This feeling is presented because this article is given its standpoint by one of our own marines. Understanding his point of view clarifies the understanding that just because he was in the marines doesn’t necessarily mean that he believes it was wrong. This just shows that he also thinks that these times are hard for his fellow African-Americans, it is also right for people to stand up what they believe in.

Another example of pathos, in Jones’ article, revolved around the topic of contradiction. Jones explains how he is a major supporter of the American flag because he put his life on the line for it as a marine corps, but also claims he understands why Kaepernick took the action that he did against it. Jones states, “As a veteran, I revere the flag. As a black man, I share in Kaepernick’s anger and concerns over violence toward black men” explains how being a black man and understanding the hurt and pain but also being a retired marine and believing in what he fought so hard for. This gave off a positive and negative connotation, which in the present day isn’t very common.

An example of logos is an analogy. An example of an analogy in “I Fought to Defend Colin Kaepernick’s Actions” is when Jones asserts “If the flag symbolizes freedom of expression, Kaepernick was absolutely correct to focus his protest on the flag.” Not just about the racial misconduct, Kaepernick targeted the flag because he felt like it wasn’t upholding its original value. One of the colors on the United States of the American flag was meant to symbolize vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The one in particular that causes controversy is justice. How do the actions of those who are supposed to represent the flag promote the true meaning of it?

Between Rashad Robinson and Brian Adam Jones, Robinson article was more persuasive and contained more detail in regards to why Kaepernick took the route that he did. Giving more examples with logos, pathos, and ethos Jones article would have surely been considered more beneficial for the audience to understand his perspective. In Robinson’s article, supporting the details of how the event made Kaepernick and the fellow African-Americans that stand against the flag and its injustice made the readers understand the purpose.   

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