The Reason Why Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor and Aftermath for Us

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President George bush or FDR they went to Congress to declare war. FDR has announced about the attack by Japan. Congress has declared war on the Japanese. The Japanese have also taken some lives when attacking Pearl harbor. The reason why Japan attacked pearl harbor because it was the closest USA islands. FDR has sent troops over where they will meet the Japanese. Japanese had attacked the Philippine island, wake islands, Hong Kong, and Guam at nighttime. And in the morning they took over the Midways too. America had a good relationship with them before. It is said that Hawaii was the most planned and possible place for attacking.

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George Bush was the president during the late 2000s. In 2001, 9/11 is when the United States of America change. On that day is when terrorist had to hijack around four planes. The terrorists had to attack the two tallest buildings. Some people had disbelief. The government had done something that helps our country in the USA. They put security in airports so no terrorist could do that again, but they were quick about that idea. The people that took place in the 9/11 act is to be brought to justice.

Bush and FDR did things that make the United States of America stronger. If they did nothing about those attacks The United States of America would be weak. One helps us to gain strength that the others did not know about us and the other one taught us a valuable lesson. 9/11 was a valuable lesson and ww2 was the strength we showed to the others. We will give respect to 9/11 and also to the people who lived, survived and who died. Including ww2 survivors and the people who did not make it. On 9/11 Americans knew the people who took place in the attack is evil.

All of the Americans will never forget about 9/11. But to all of the people who still believe our country is still strong and do not forget that all the people had not given up our freedom. FDR commanded all of navies to the Pacific ocean for defense. FDR is a good president because he did it to protect the USA too. One hour later when Japan had attack Hawaii college sent a message. DC had helped find rescues for the attack of the Afganderstands. Japan had attacked us with heavy-armed weapons.

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