The Reason Why Recess Time is Important

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I chose this topic because I believe recess is important in many ways. Yes we know that recess is defined as a ‘BREAK’ but recess can be used for getting away, to be free, and to interact with your peers. I remember the times when I had recess it was the best thing a child can ask for. I got the chance to run around with my friends and play jump rope. Also I got the chance to work on a science fair project which helped me brainstorm a bit better.

People think recess is just at school but recess can be at work as well. At work you need a break it doesn’t matter if it’s just a break from desk work or calculating money but a break is needed at some point. When at work some get a 15 to 30 minute break and while having that you get the chance to be on your own or to eat. Overworking can cause tiredness that why it is needed to have a break.

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Recess is very Important because it releases stress. Recess gives you the desire to do whatever you want. People need recess especially in school for the simple fact that work can be overwhelming and some have a disability and can’t be still for a long time. Although some kids can handle sitting in a class all day long but some who have ADHD can’t. They need to get up to move around because their minds are telling them so. This is why I believe recess is important not only in school but in our personal lives.

Recess helps the children do better in school. “Although cause and effect cannot be assumed, the ethnic groups with the highest incidence of childhood obesity are also those least likely to get recess. There is considerable research on ways to increase physical activity by organizing games, encouraging teachers to participate in play with the children, experimenting with the timing of recess and lunchtime, varying the amount of structure during recess and using playground markings to encourage games.” this evidence might require why schools invented recess.recess shown to help students to perform better in school. children need to run around at the playground to avoid obesity. Or to learn physical skills

it helps children physically.children can learn how to catch or throw a ball. Also children can be taught how to jump rope, or to play basketball Also can be taught to play flag football. All these physical activities can burn off calories.this requires kids to participate more in activities. children like to make up their own games or to change the rules games they already know. Some children might collect data for science fair projects or history fair. its help children to form new ideas.

Recess helps develop more brain connections. Recess helps children gain the opportunity to practice social skills and role-play with peers at recess when at recess. Recess gives students opportunities for social and emotional interactions they can’t get in the classroom, where the teacher is generally at the lead and the students are usually quietly participating or in groups,” says to Principal William Clark of Stepping Stones School in Houston, Texas. Recess is a crucial part of the day for students for disabilities and high energy. Recess impacts students with ADHD by providing stress relief and physical activity. Although some scholars can handle sitting in a classroom all day long, some who have ADHD are not able to.

Children need a break from classes at school to be effective during the school day. Having a break can diminish distraction and help scholars to concentrate. “The breaks and physical activity provided by playground time increase attentiveness and reduce fidgeting, helping student concentration and increasing learning. (Fuglei 1). Recess helps children do better in school.

Childhood obesity is increased when students are not able to participate in recess regularly. “Although cause and effect cannot be assumed, the ethnic groups with the highest incidence of childhood obesity are also those least likely to get recess. Students who suffer from obesity need the physical activity that recess provides much more than healthy scholars. (Barret 1). Youth who are “There is considerable research on ways to increase physical activity by organizing games, encouraging teachers to participate in play with the children, experimenting with the timing of recess and lunchtime, varying the amount of structure during recess and using playground markings to encourage games’ (Jarret 1). This legitimizes why schools invented recess.

Recess has proven to help students to perform better in school. Recess increases focus and also reduces stress. Including preventing child obesity, to be encouraging to your teachers and peers. Recess is invented to create structure the youth is being held accountable to treat others how they would like to be treated.

Therefore, Children should run around at the playground to avoid obesity and to learn physical skills. Recess helps children develop physically and get in shape. Recess also helps children physically to increasing their level of physical activity. Improving their memory, attention, and concentration. Helping them stay on task in the classroom. Reducing disruptive behavior in the classroom. Students who experience recess could avoid obesity by exercising or start getting engaged in high quality and regular activities. Referring school to promote health outside of the classroom, by surrounding students with opportunities to eat healthily and stay active. Having recess requires kids to participate more in activities.

Recess helps children develop reasoning skills, encourages autonomous thinking and problem solving as well as helps improve their ability to focus and control their behavior. Recess helps children to form new ideas. Children enjoy making up their games and changing the rules to the games they like to play. Some children might collect data for science fair projects or history fair. Teachers let children make up their games or to imagine as if the games are real. The brain connection is a benefit of recess that might be overlooked. This shows how recess contributes to cooperation, sharing and problem-solving. Recess helps with social-emotional development. There are several ways recess can help children develop socially. Children cooperate better with other kids as a result of participating in recess. They learn about each other’s cultures through games. Children learn to communicate better with their peers. They make friends by partnering and playing in groups. This proves that recess plays an important role. Important in the development of social skills. The benefits of recess in schools positively affects the physical health of scholars. Recess helps benefit a kid’s physical health. Recess reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Recess helps kids lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Recess acts as a preventive method against diabetes and other chronic diseases. Increasing their level of physical activity. ”The goal of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program is to increase physical activity opportunities before, during, and after school and to increase l physical activity and health.”(Jarret10). This explains how recess can be beneficial for children’s health.

Recess can help children be more physically active. It boosts children’s energy. The benefits of physical activity and fitness made available at recess contribute to a child’s overall health and well-being. Recess contributes to the recommended 60 minutes per day of physical activity for children, which helps in reducing sedentary behaviors with TV, computers, and video games. ”For them to be able to acquire all the academic skills we want them to learn, they need a break to go out and release the energy and play and be social.” (Jarret 7). Recess supports kids being more physically. It leads to increased learning. There is more emphasis on standardized tests. Schools often see more value in increased instruction and test prep time. But there’s a lot of evidence that recess itself can boost academics. This goes to show how recess increases learning.

During recess, students are encouraged to be physically active and more drawn with their peers in activities of their choice, at all grade levels. Recess helps develop more brain connections. Recess helps children gain the opportunity to practice social skills and role-play with peers at recess when at recess. Recess gives students opportunities for social and emotional interactions they can’t get in the classroom.“Recess is the chance for students to run the show. It lends itself to more social interaction and development. Students need that time to learn, to be equipped to deal with situations.”(Jarret 9). This indicates how recess can help develop social brain connections. Recess allows a child to mentally decompress and absorb what they’ve recently learned. It also helps children improve communication and negotiation skills.

Besides, Recess promotes social and emotional learning and development for children by offering them a time to engage in peer interactions in which they practice and role play essential social skills. Recess also helps social and emotional development. Recess helps children interact with friends and to gain relationships. ”Recess is the only place in school, maybe the only place in their social life, where kids have the opportunity to develop social skills with their peers.” (Barret 11). This explains how recess can help kids to interact more. Barret is communicating that these skills become fundamental, lifelong personal tools.

Recess offers a child a necessary, socially structured means for managing stress. By adapting and adjusting to the complex school environment, children augment and extend their cognitive development in the classroom. “This communicates that children use recess for a place to interact. Many people do not realize that recess does things like lower high blood pressure. Recess relieve children from stress. It can increase blood flow and better skeletal development.

The benefits of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure in adults have been very well established. “Recently, a large number of studies have emerged describing the influence of lifestyle interventions on various risk factors associated with high blood pressure in overweight and obese children. Exercise increases the blood flow to all body tissues, including the brain. Greater blood flow transports more oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. The positive effects of exercise while growing up seem to last longer than previously believed” (Barret 12). Therefore recess is a good treatment to decrease high blood pressure. Furthermore, recess can improve a school’s climate. ”Recess model developed by the nonprofit Playworks found that schools using it reported fewer bullying incidents and disciplinary referrals.”(Antonio Perez10).

Supports the normal growth and physical development of students ”Recess helps support the mental, social, cognitive and emotional development of school-age children, kids who have regular access to it learn and grow in a more linear and streamlined way. In turn, this leads to better grades, better academic outcomes and focused dedication to the educational and social systems taught in school. ”As things like art programs are increasingly bargained out of school districts around the country, recess is one thing teachers and administrators are beginning to stress the importance of. It is one part of the school that is continually revered for its ability to improve the lives of children. recess is Healthy Outlook. ”It also helps children improve communication and negotiation skills. It teaches them the importance of cooperation, sharing and problem-solving. ”This explains why recess is a healthy outlook.

At recess, injuries can happen. Injuries can appear like kids falling off a swing or slide. Kids can run too fast and hurt themselves. ”Children ages 5 to 9 have higher rates of ED visits for playground injuries than any other age group. Most of these injuries occur at school. On public playgrounds, more injuries occur on monkey bars and climbing equipment than on any other equipment.” This talks about the injuries that can occur at recess.

This is wrong because if there are adults outside to watch the kids the kids should be safe at all times. Deaths can occur at recess, “Between 2001 and 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated 40 deaths associated with playground equipment. The average age of children who died was six years old. “ This explains the deaths and how they occur. when not watching kids bad things can happen. Playgrounds that are maintained don’t have risks to children such as rusty or broken equipment. This explains how some injuries can happen at recess.

Chaperones are looking out for the children on the playground, making sure the kids are safe. ”Reading playground signs and using playground equipment that is right for your child’s age. Making sure there are guardrails in good condition to help prevent falls. Looking out for things in the play area that can trip your child, like tree stumps or rocks.”(Barret 17). This explains why recess can cause bad injuries.

People think bullying is the main problem at recess. this is right because some students can be teased or picked on just for being different. Physical bullying can occur while at recess. ”Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and affect their ability to learn and concentrate in class. Educators and the school culture itself must focus on providing the right information to both students and their caregivers to prevent bullying. Check out these three ways your school can help to prevent bullying from occurring during recess. ”This gives a brief explanation of how bullying can occur at recess. this can be wrong because the teachers should look out for the bullying and if seeing a student getting bullied there should be consequences behind it. How to solve bullying conflicts. ”Recess is the time when students get a break in their day to connect with their friends, participate in unstructured physical activity and get some sunshine and fresh air. Students look forward to recess and are excited to get outside and play, but it is not a positive experience for everybody.” (Barret 18). Suicidal thoughts can appear when being assaulted during recess. Some scholars do not have self-confidence and their feelings can be easily hurt. So being bullied at recess can cause children to want to kill themselves. ”Children who are bullied―and those who bully others―are at higher risk of suicidal thoughts and actions.”(Barret 12). This is true whether it is face to face or online cyberbullying. This explains how kids may want to kill themselves. kids who are being bullied can talk to their friends about it and they can solve the issue by talking to an adult. Or a teacher can talk to the student and the problem can be solved, this explains how conflict and bullying can happen at recess.

In conclusion, recess is very important because it can help in so many ways like releasing stress, socializing with your peers, and to brainstorm. Releasing stress can relax your mind and remove racing thoughts. Socializing with your peers can help you build a better relationship or to help you communicate more. Brainstorming can help you collect better ideas If you were to do a science fair project or help you solve equations.

Some people think recess is just a waste of time because kids lose focus or began to act wild. Some say recess is just a way to let children do whatever but in reality kids need recess for certain situations. Some say recess can involve bullying situations that can be true but those situations can be solved. Recess doesn’t necessarily have to be described as a negative look but if you were to look at the positive side of it kids learn how to interact, to have fun, to be free, to be themselves. This may not be important to some people but it’s important to a lot for the simple fact they know what stress and depression can do.

Having recess can solve those types of problems because it brings out a different mindset in children. When at recess you can use your imagination for example, if you want to play hockey and don’t have a hockey stick or a puck you can use your imagination acting as if a ball and stick is your equipment. Recess is all about having fun to make friends and a lot of students enjoy that. These are good reasons why recess makes school exciting and important.   

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