The Reasons Adnan Syed Should not Be Imprisoned

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I believe Adnan Syed should not be imprisoned due to the lack of concrete evidence against him. The state does not have a single piece of credible proof nor do they have a reliable witness.

The state's case against Adnan is built on the statement of Jay Wilds. Throughout the investigation, Jay has admitted to lying to the Baltimore Police Department not just once, but several times. Even after Jay was told that his involvement in the illegal distribution of marijuana wasn't going to get him in trouble with the law, he continued to lie. On Jay’s first interview, one of many lies was that he said Adnan revealed Hae’s body to him at the meeting point by Edmondson Avenue, then in his second interview, he says he saw the body at a Best Buy parking lot. Seeing a dead body is traumatic and something witnesses don't forget easily, how is it that Jay can easily make an enormous mistake like that? Mr. Wells also admitted into discarding his clothing and the shovels used the day of the murder. Conviction should not be based on the statement of one person who has consistently shown unethical behavior towards the law. Jay’s knowledge about where Hae’s car was and other key information does not prove that Adnan had anything to do with the murder, this only proves Jay's involvement. Jay fabricated many lies in each interview, what’s a few more lies on the stand to a reprehensible liar?

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Aside from Jay, the state also used Adanan’s call logs against him in court. With further investigation, it has been concluded that call logs are unreliable and cannot place the location of a person. Adnan’s service provider, AT&T, even states, “any incoming calls will not be considered reliable information for location” in every single one of their contracts. This is crucial information because 11 of the most vital calls, in this case, are incoming calls. The calls also cannot identify who was ahold of the phone during each call. Even though Jay changed his statement multiple times till he finally thought it fit the call longs, his story still had some inconsistencies. When Jay’s story and the call longs are compared, over five hours do not match with Jay's story, therefore, can't know for sure what happened between 12:07 and 6:07. This time frame includes the most important part of the case, Hae Min Lee’s murder.

This justice system is built on the ideology that you’re innocent until proven guilty. There’s no concrete evidence or reliable statements against Adnan. The only person who has a direct correlation to the murder of Hae in Jay Wilds. Jay Wilds has more than circumstantial evidence against him, he has his confession.

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