The Reasons Behind People Falling in Love and Falling Out of Love


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Falling In Love

Falling in love is that amazing feeling when you know nothing but your loved one, you think nothing but your loved one. There are few biological reasons of falling in love like birth of some chemicals in our mind and then there are few psychological reasons as well like:

Similarities in Personalities

People tend to fall for those who have same beliefs, personality traits and ways of thinking as they’ve and they like to be with them and it makes they feel at home when spending time with them because they know what to expect and what not to.

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Understanding Each Other

This understanding can occur because of spending enough time with each other, thinking slot about each other, trying to know more and more about each other and if these things are done adequately then chances are high of falling in love. It’s a general fact that opposites attracts but in the case of love people with similarities attract each other more than anyone else.


Falling in love because of physical and facial beauty is the most common reason of falling in love, its general psychological fact that beauty does attract everybody.

Falling Out Of Love

Falling in love is easy but being in love and maintain that same level of affection is very hard that’s why most of the relationships ended prematurely, few reasons of falling out of love are:

Communication Gaps

Not being in consecutive communication is one of the biggest reasons of falling out of love as differences start to take place and misunderstandings get births then getting that level of love gets too difficult.

Being Sticky

People often get sticky with their partners which annoy them because everybody needs their space and share of personal life and if that comfort is snatched that annoyance takes place and love starts to disappear and anger takes birth.


Cheating is an inborn characteristic of human nature and biggest reason of breakups, people often lie in relationships and if their partner comes to know about it, it gets very hard to have that same level of love again.

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