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The Reasons Behind the Human Need for Connection

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So you think you are living in a so-called ‘social’ world right now because you are more connected to your social media platforms than ever. Let me inform you that you are wrong. That is more of a machine to machine connection than human to a human one. Many studies show that loneliness is on the rise in the world, especially in the USA. According to a 2018 national survey in the US, forty percent of 20,000 adults have been reported to feel loneliness. The research was done by JS House, KR Landis, and D Umberson shows that lack of human connection is very harmful to our health. Let’s throw light on ourselves and see how it happens.

We Are Designed to Be Social

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You have to confess that if you lose some relation in your life, you fail pain – social pain. This pain feels like physical pain. Our literature is filled with tragic love stories. Why? It is because we are designed to be social. If social bonds are disconnected, especially in childhood, it leads to long-term psychological problems. The famous Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows that a sense of connectedness is one of the essential human needs.

According to the bestselling author, Brene Brown, the connection is the energy people feel while interacting with one another. An enzyme called Oxytocin helps us form the first social connection with our mothers. Research shows that social activities boost the release of Oxytocin. It means that we are destined to be social if we want to be happy and vice versa. Some people are introverts, of course. But they also have some social bonds dear to them in their lives.

Social Isolation Affects Our Health Adversely

Recent scientific studies show empirical evidence for the effect of social relation and isolation on health. Prospective studies show an increased risk of death among people with low quality of social connection. Social isolation harms human lives.

Lack of social connection affects humans as adversely as high blood pressure, smoking, or obesity. We all know high blood pressure and smoking are pretty much dangerous to our health. Overall there is enough evidence that social isolation is a significant public health issue in today’s world. Human to human connection gives a sense of purpose. It makes you feel respected. It lets people build trust. Having been trusted feels good. This is why people isolate socially, and they also stop enjoying the beauty of nature around.

How Can We Build Connection

First of all, we need to understand the fact that we all are social animals. We must acknowledge that human to human connection is vital in our lives. Afterward, we need to have more face to face human interactions than remote ones. We should memorize the names of each other and use them accordingly. We all love to be called by our names. Secondly, you should be with the person you are with. What does it mean? It means your brain should be present. You should be attentive. Listen. Look into each other’s eyes. Talk.

The third suggestion is that you should ask people for their opinions about something. Others’ opinion might not matter for something but themselves. You don’t have to agree with their opinion. But it adds a social spark to our lives. A little bit of physical touch will add value to your social needs. It shows you are a warm person. The head in a lap or a lean-over on a shoulder would do a lot, sometimes. Smile fully while talking. Smiling makes you beautiful and healthy. You can also ask questions. People love answering or at least discussing them.

Last Words

Human to human interaction is one of the most critical needs of us all. We feel social pains. We feel bad for the loneliness we face. Social isolation causes severe health issues. That’s why we need to come out of our dorms and get social in the real world, not in VL (Virtual Life).


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