The Reasons for Revolutionary War in America

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The war didn’t just happen overnight, there were things and events that led up to the war. For example the main points why the war was started are, taxes the people thought were wrong, Boston tea party, the coercive acts or the intolerable acts, soldiers being placed in patriot homes, the Boston Massacre, "the shot heard round the world", and "a new government", as well as could have the war been prevented.

The English government was trying to put taxes on the patriots mainly aiming the taxes at certain groups of people. The sugar act was a tax that was made to force the patriots to buy any and all sugar from England. England was trying to capitalize on taxes and get as much money from the people who once lived there and England thinks they should do what they are told. England was trying to tax whatever possible so they can "recover" from the French and Indian war funds given to the patriots. England felt they were owed because of their aid to the war for the patriots. The patriots did not like the sugar act at all because they could get sugar somewhere else faster for cheaper, so they told England they need to change this, so England did.

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The next tax would be the stamp tax after the sugar act, the tax act taxed a directed type of persons, stamps had to go on a number of things but was mainly directed at newspaper, protesting paper, and legal documents, three groups were mainly targeted, and the three groups were not happy about the tax. The tax for the newspaper was directed to them because it was their way to try to suppress what they were printing about England and was also angry at what they print about them. Protesting paper was taxed for similar reasons to the newspaper, in an attempt to make it more "difficult" to protest and attempt free speech. England obviously didn’t want people protesting and becoming more aware of any new or old issues at hand, they wanted to suppress any potential issues or threats that could be opened with these protests. Finally the legal documents being taxed from stamps was directed at lawyers fighting against England, it was not a good idea directly taxing very intelligent people that are willing and capable of fighting back and creating havoc, as well as stirring issues and informing lesser intelligent people of their cities and towns.

The Boston tea party, though its name, was not a party at all. The Boston Tea Party was the patriots way of fighting back the taxes. Ships was docked in Massachusetts ready to deliver tea to the people of Massachusetts. Because of the rising tension of the taxes the a group of people known as the sons of liberty wanted to send a message to England that they will not stand for what is being done to them. So they decided they will hurt England in way of goods and potential revenue. The sons of liberty dumped most if not all of the tea on the ships losing England upward of three million dollars. England was clearly not happy that they had not only lost potential money, but had been attacked by the patriots in such a way.

The Boston Tea Party led to England enacting the "Coercive act" or the "intolerable act". The laws enforced by the English included the Boston part being shut down until the damage or goods was paid back completely, the people obviously would not pay because they dumped the tea for political reason and refused, which lead to the English declaring what would now be marshal law and putting English soldiers in Massachusetts, and only being ruled by English people of power. Forcing the town people out of any political say that would go on at the time, as well as shutting down anything to do with resistance. By declaring martial law, the soldiers inevitably were sent there without places to stay or food to eat so they were allowed by the English government to quarter themselves wherever they see fit, which was in the homes of the towns people. This only made things progressively worse for the patriots. Soldiers from England were "legally" aloud to show up unannounced and place the homes of the patriots, eating their food using their beds, using their good, essentially taking over their homes and not one cent was played for their acts. this obviously upset the homeowners. The soldiers should have needed to ask permission first, and if given then would need to pay the homeowners for what they used, time spent cleaning up after them. This not only was the reason to be upset, but the soldier were not even the patriots soldiers, it was the "enemy" soldiers, which made tension even worse, soldiers not having respect for someone's home , making a mess and wasting their goods and services. This happened a lot and often to people who weren’t able to keep up with what the soldiers were consuming. Clearly it was adding to the tension leading into the war. People obviously did not want the "enemy" barging into their home not only unannounced but without compensation.

The Boston massacre was not exactly a massacre. English soldiers were guarding a pub at the time when a few children no older than 12 and younger than 8 came to the bar where the soldiers were and began throwing snowballs at them. Then they packed stones into the snowballs and hit one of them in the face, making him bleed, and did it again, making one bleed again. When the guards sternly told the boys to leave they began making a scene and people began coming out, only to see that the soldiers were harassing the young boys, and the people became angry and started harassing the soldiers. When the soldiers asked for back up the crowd got worse and the soldier aimed their weapons at the crowd, the lead soldier told them to hold fire, but one shot was let out. Since one soldier let out a shot, contagious fire shot and killed a total of only 8 people.

When news got around about the accident, somebody wrote about it in the newspaper and it was labeled the "Boston Massacre", obviously making it seem a lot worse that it truly was. It looked very bad for the soldiers but a one John Adams was talked into representing the "enemy" soldiers in a jury trial. He genuinely defended the soldiers to the best of his ability and the soldiers were found innocent and were sent off to England to stand trial again but by their own country, a couple were sent to jail but not for long and the others were not tried, and if they were they were deemed innocent. The shot heard round the world refers to an incident of the English government. According to Elizabeth Nix, "On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled there by American colonists" the English were halted by patriots attempting to stop what seemed like the inevitable. The English was stopped multiple times, presented with gunfire from the patriots, both sides had its casualties. After a few squirmishes the soldiers finally retreat and the patriots had a small victory in what will soon be a huge battle. After what happen with the English soldiers, English people of power began to leave and not returning, fearing they will be killed or tortured by the patriots who had already began tar and feathering people they consider traitors. The patriots felt they needed people of power to lead them, because without some type of leadership things for their own people could turn bad for the newly founding United States. The people wanted to make sure everything was to go well and was to completely separate themselves from their old homeland. the people felt they had good knowledge of their old homeland but it needed to be improved to include everyone to have a say in laws and taxes, which became what is known as the constitution, according to William S. Price Jr, "In November 1776 the provincial congress at Halifax met to draft a bill of rights and a constitution and to create a new government for the state. First, the Declaration of Rights was adopted, and on the following day the new constitution was accepted. ", this was a huge milestone for the patriots, in that it is a clear line separating the people of England with themselves.

According to, "On June 11, 1776, Congress appointed a "Committee of Five", consisting of John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, Robert R. Livingston of New York, and Roger Sherman of Connecticut, to draft a declaration." I think the revolutionary war could have been delayed, not prevented, England clearly wanted its hands in the new found land that had been discovered and felt it was part of their right to own if not be compensated for funding and sending people to explore new territory. The events that happen could have been prevented, but in the end i believe no matter what happened, unless England gave the people complete freedom, the war was inevitable. In conclusion, these main points listed are why i believe what caused the war, and why i believe there was nothing that could be done to prevent the war from happening.

In November 1776 the provincial congress at Halifax met to draft a bill of rights and a constitution and to create a new government for the state. First, the Declaration of Rights was adopted, and on the following day the new constitution was accepted. On the night of April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops set off from Boston toward Concord, Massachusetts, in order to seize weapons and ammunition stockpiled there by American colonists.

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