The Reasons I Choose to Learn Law in the University of London

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Law connects almost every aspect of our life and is persistently progressing to keep pace with present day community. I wish to learn law to assist society to defeat inequality, in addition to growing a depth of knowledge of the laws which exercise control over us by utilising the potential of examining, disapproving, encouraging, problem solving, with vocal expressions and correspondence.

For 20 years I have lived in Bangladesh and this has helped me to gain a complete insight to bengali civilization and lifestyle. Living with my family help me to comprehend the moral principles and the diversity of general public. Thus I started to come across the idea of enormous separation between the wealthy and poverty stricken,the tyranny in the community established all over Bangladesh.

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My view about the University of London is a way for me to assimilate the procedure of law needed for such a position and assist myself to step up as an individual. The international program from University of London is almost compatible with high quality education exhibiting growing levels of law student registration in Dhaka, hence acquiring a law degree from prestigious London University can have a strong influence in consolidating my career. The UK educational system in highly competitive worldwide been correctly represented for international student and likely more cost effective than studying in the UK.

The University of London occupying the rank in the top 50 universities in United Kingdom,mainly thanks to their focus on international programs worldwide. Being such a competitive higher education market the university is more likely to give me the best student services as well as the top quality education, moreover due to university’s rich ethnic inheritance, guarantees that prominent fields such as law are handled with experience as well as contemporary perception. The LCLS organisation has joined to the involvement of London based universities allowing them to offer selective law study programs focused at teaching capable law professionals. The university also offerswidely recognised degrees with all inclusive and modern syllabus. The international program continuing with stability, justice and applicable of courses despite of field and specialisation with the focus on associate interactions in educational proceeding, motivating debate, conversation and innovative thoughts.

Moreover the historic and the racial resemblance between the UK and it's precedent territory Bangladesh allows Bangladesh to acknowledge and respect a law degree from the University of London. Also Bangladesh being a Commonwealth country has designed its higher education system to follow the British law and are regularly searching for UK educated staff. I can apprehend the contribution of the authority of this university that it brings when ultimately seeking employment, and perhaps in a foreign country as well.

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