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The Reasons Of My Choice to Be a Doctor

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My father has valve stenosis, this is when heart is in extra restrain as the valve does not open fully. Medical staff that were in charge of my dads’ condition have been a great support with their constructive and analytical advice, evident concern and up lifting spirits. From what I have observed there isn’t any occupation that combines scientific knowledge with the passion to help humanity with serious problems, where the reward for satisfaction is greater than any. This is why I want to become a doctor.

To experience a representative view of the trials and rewards of the medical career, I organised work placements giving me an understanding of primary and secondary care. I worked for “Drug mart pharmacy” as a volunteer on every Friday afternoon. I got the opportunity to work with pharmacist to learn more about drugs and established more confidence to enhance my skills. While working in the pharmacy I was exposed to a patients with a number of different illnesses or health problems on a daily basis. I was able to approach certain individuals in the correct way, for example, being sensitive when talking to a specific group of patients.

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Because of the veneration of life, I worked as the volunteer in the “Baptist Church” in Oldham every Thursday. In this church, we support the people who don’t have shelter and food (especially for refugees and Asylum seekers) and this is organised by the British Heart Foundation. People who employed at the church were very qualified and experienced people, all of them emerged from different profession with different life experiences. Communicating with them about their life’s experiences with different situations thus I got to know their key successful achievements. It was most amazing thing. I learned lots of life relating experience especially the lesson of courtesy and consideration that will help me to cope with the rigor of medical school training. This experience polished my team player skills by giving me some responsibilities, require assistance from other colleagues at all level when needed and showed me that it is very important to show your willingness to involve others at the right time, boosting my confidence level to work in a team affectively.

This year I got a replacement in Mind (a mental health charity) to work with people who have depression, that has been affected their life quality. Being with Mind I was able to observe the efficient interactions of the multidisciplinary team in achieving affective patient care to support their home life and work life. In addition to my academic studies I have taken on various extracurricular activities in school. I joined my college’s netball team. During netball practice I was given the chance to develop my organisational and leadership skills, when playing a match the players are constantly put in situations that they are prepared for in the previous practices, thus they have to think strategically. And the anime club as a stress reliever that has nothing to do with my academic studies to give me a peaceful mind. Before summer I attended Manchester University’s Chemistry taster day.


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