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The Reasons Of Students’ Academic Misconduct

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When it comes to stating the reasons to why students commit “academic misconduct” there are many different points of views that need to be taken into account. From a person’s ethical and moral side to their counscious will of doing whatever it takes in order to approve the task they’ve been given. What may be even more important is to know and pursue the ways in which “plagiarism”, “redundant publication” or in a more general way “academic misconduct” could be prevented.

Students all around the world are given tasks, projects and homework they sometimes don’t understand and are not able to do them by themselves. When this happens, most of the time they rely on the most efficient and wide platform available which is the internet. Finding everything in the internet helps many people in their daily life. It is a source used not only by students, but by doctors, scientists, celebrities, mostly everyone. This in fact, could be one of the main reasons students plagiarize, by making them slaves to laziness and procrastination and lack of personal investment and creativity. This important point affects many educational institutions all around the world. By implementing plagiarism awareness since early school years, teachers and institutions as a whole could drastically decrease the possibilities of students committing plagiarism in any near future and improve their personal skills making them able to perform the task or obligation they have been given. It may take more time or effort but at the end it would surely be more effective giving better outcomes.

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Conscecuently, “The price of an A” as state is also one of the biggest reasons student commit plagiarism. What is better than approving all your duties as a student?, the answer is approving them with an ‘A’. Students mainly plagiarize to get much better grades and improve their academic level. This makes them cheat the system, lose their ethics and be ignorant with the effort their parents and teachers have invested in them. Although it might seem impossible to completly prevent students from misconducting academically, this percentage can be drastically decreased using online plagiarism-detecting platforms for students to submit there work. By doing this, educational institutes have a much greater advantage and students will surely invest more of their time and effort doing their work on their own and fear plagiarising any other time. According to Howard, 2002 and Burnet, 2002, important reasons such as the students relationship with their teacher and their defiance towards their assigments are crucial to mention. This may be due to the fact that if the students’ bond with their teacher is weak, or they think that the teacher is not going to take there work into account and correct it.

The solution to this problem would be in hands of the teachers and the educational institution itself. Making students realize the impotance of the work they are doing and noticing how bad they could be affected, may alter the students’ perceptions and make them do their work by their own, ethically and correctly perform their activities with out any cheating or shortcuts to achieve their goal. To conclude in a more general way, plagiarism should always be considered wrong no mattter the circumstances. It is a violation of author rights and under-ranks the author´s work.

It can also be concluded that with time and effort form the educational institutions, plagiarism preventing and awareness will increase to a point in which students would not even think of committing these unfair actions that perjudice them and their future in many ways. From their (students) education at home and at school, academic misconduct should be seen as a very bad habit and something students would not want to get involved in.


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