Study Analysis on the Reasons of the Significant Amount of Suicidal Veterans

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In the article, “Reflections on Veteran Suicide, Veteran Resilience and Tribe,” Shauna H Springer unravels the reasoning behind the significant amount of suicidal veterans. The article was first published on Psychology Todays website on October 15th, 2016. Springer describes the level of trust created amongst the veterans and their fellow soldiers. Each individual soldier comes from a different background but that does not change the bonds formed within the military. For example, a soldier who struggles with their home life now has a sense of family and trust.

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The relationships that other soldiers have with their close-knit families can never compare to the one they have with their military family. The relationships built through boot camp, and their many deployments, make their experiences easier to cope with. Springer explains how being stuck in tough situations with other soldiers creates a sense of love, in a non-sexual way, between soldiers. Springer also notes that veterans are willing to go back into tough situations because they want the feeling of safety from the gloom surrounding them psychically and psychologically back. Because veterans are so inclined to return to their past experiences, shows how strongly connected they are with each other.

Springer points out that society leaves veterans high and dry to cope with civilian life on their own because they believe resilience will take over. People of America choose not to step in because they expect that someone else will. Springer indicates the lifeline of a military team is the love and trust they have for each other. Because they have each other to rely on in vigorous circumstances, it is hard for veterans to transition into civilian livelihood without that same comfort. Springer suggests Americans are part of the triggers that cause many veterans to suffer by asking inappropriate questions, converse about idle subjects, or act oblivious towards veterans and their wellbeing. Instead of overwhelming veterans with scrutiny, fear, or the feeling of isolation, America should have the urge to welcome veterans home in open arms.

Springer states that by respecting the conditions veterans come from and proving the people of America are capable of enduring trust, veterans would transition easier into a civilian life. Springer aspires to be trusted by veterans in the same sense that medics were trusted by veterans during their service. Veterans need to feel they are serving a purpose towards a productive caste in order to fight against the feeling of isolation. Springer declares the one thing that motivates veterans is the relationship they have with each other.

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