The Reasons of Westward Expansion in the USA

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The United States were destined to Expand westward since the U.S.A was gaining people and the U.S. needed more land to benefit the U.S.As growing population, The Westward expansion connected the U.S. to the “Great Western Ocean’ allowing more trade, according to Senator Lewis Cass, Expanding our territory is mandatory for American settlement and cultivation and many people needed their own space because of the huge population explosion.

The United States was destined to move westward because many more people were coming to the U.S to find new homes and find a new place to live and if the U.S didn’t expand westward then there would be an overpopulation problem in the U.S. The U.S.A would start to gain more people than they could support in the thirteen colonies, so they decided to make the people move westward. This was then helped with the fact that if you could live on the land for a certain amount of time then you would be given 320 acres to yourself or family to use however you liked. Many people took the chance to gain a huge amount of land for free since the cities were beginning to get overcrowded and people were having to live in close quarters to each other. People called this social evil since people were getting sick much easier since they were very close to each other.

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Another reason the people moved to the west because of the population of the U.S was that there was a rumor going around that the western lands were very fertile and good for farming. Also, because some of the land was not even being used by anyone, not even the Native Americans who had lived there longer. This helped people to trust that it was better and less crowded in the western parts of the U.S.A than the thirteen colonies. This was also because more people were moving from Europe to the U.S, than the U.S could support. Many people came for the availability of land and many others came for the chance for a new life.

Senator Lewis Cass said that the U.S was bound to move westward since if they did then they would connect the U.S to the great western ocean would be great for trade since they use that to allow better trade with other countries since it would let us trade with more countries bet also let them trade with people so we could have better economy my and better life style that would improve the overall status of the country. we had. Another reason the U.S A was destined was that people who were in the same religious groups as the Mormons were being persecuted so they left for the west. That means thousands of people were persecuted because they believed that people could be saved for their atonement through Jesus Christ. This led the Mormons group to flee to the West where they could have more freedom of religion and not be persecuted because of it or ridiculed because of it. The Mormons had suffered many years of persecution because of their religion since they were different, but they still fought for what was true to them.

The Mormons also moved westward because there was a lot of violence towards them since they were different and didn’t believe the same thing that many other people believed in. some of the violence consisted of being tarred and feathered and even killed. Some of the people who followed the Mormons decided to stop so they would not get hurt but most would continue to fight to get the chance to study this religion. Many people thought they were weird because nobody had heard of this religion, so it was different.

Another reason the U.S was destined to move westward was for the cultivation and settlement since there were more people in the U.S now the U.S needed more land to hold them so they could produce so the U.S could sell it to the other major countries since we were still a small country and still needed money to get started. The other reason was that the U.S was doing this so they could get a bigger population size so they could be more well populated so there would be differentiation between the countries. And the U.S was running out places for the new growing population so they sent all new settlers to the west so they could start a new and start farms so they could maintain themselves.

That is why I think the U.S was destined to move westward so they could improve the economy and outcome of the U.S.A.

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