The Reasons to Obtain High Education in Canada


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Been an international student is far more than immersing oneself into a new culture. It’s an educationally rewarding and culturally enlightening experience, which stimulates an existing knowledge by presenting a brand new perspectives and thoughts. “Before proceeding I would like to emphatically state that the sole reason of visiting Canada is for study purpose only, and I will leave Canada immediately I completes my study to settle and harness the huge potentials that awaits a professional accountant in Nigeria” In this letter I will briefly explain to you some of the major reasons why I have choose to obtain my degree in Canada and its intending benefits to my career.

To Obtain the Best Possible Education

The very first thing that comes to mind as a young scholar who want excel in its academic career is the goal to seek for the best possible quality education you can afford. Been a foreign scholar at the Brandon University will extremely broaden my academic horizon. Often, students around the globe who seek to obtain best education consistently make Canada, USA, UK and Australia there study destinations, because these few countries have extremely distinguished themselves in providing quality education. Most of the highest ranked institutions around world are domiciled in these countries Canada is among the few dynamic and exotic English speaking nations of the world. As a student who is seeking to acquire top quality education and broaden my cultural horizons, as well enjoy gorgeous society and live in a thriving multiethnic society, I have chosen to study and obtain my bachelors in Canada.

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To Increase My Job Prospects In Nigeria

Of course, one major rationale for obtaining a degree is to improve my career and propels my job prospects in the future. In this present globalized world, employers are increasingly placing more value in employees with international education background and experience. On completion of my study in Canada, I’m sure to return home with a new perspective on culture, communication skills, a great education, and a willingness to learn. Needless to say, all of these will be very attractive to my future employers. Obtaining a degree in Canada will help me to improve my communication skills, appreciate foreign norms, cultures and values, overcome the difficulties of leaving away from home and get a clearer knowledge of the worldview. These are the main ingredients that present day employers consider when recruiting and hiring employees, and these traits will be a big asset to me when I return to Nigeria. Additionally, companies in Nigeria have consistently placed very high respect to students with international qualification, thus greatly value overseas qualification and experience. With an international qualification and experience on my résumé, I will face the interviewer with more boldness, confidence, and practical skills with real life anecdotes to back it up. Aside communication skills, studying overseas heightens critical thinking and problem solving skills that employers are seeking. Another important benefit to study abroad is that, having an international bachelor s degree and experience in my résumé will help me stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits of Accounting Major at the Brandon University Canada

A career in professional accountancy and major at the Brandon University will be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding for me back home in Nigeria, I strongly believe that Brandon University is the right institution to build a solid educational foundation in accounting and business. A major in Accounting from the Brandon University leads to admission into the chattered professional Accountant, this will undoubtedly makes me the employers’ choice in the job market.

Controller, Financial Analyst

As African culture may have it, been the first son and heir apparent to my family inheritance, I’m strongly tied emotionally and physically at home. I’m culturally bound to take care of the family both my parents and my younger ones, for this reason I cannot afford to stay away from home for a longer period. Secondly, I have attached my family company’s certificate of incorporation and also estate and landed property documents to further prove my home ties.

Career and Academic Background

I have obtained both national and higher national diploma in 2009 and 2012 in Banking and finance respectively. Between February 2014 to March 2015, I served the national youth service NYSC. In 2016 to December 2018, I got absorbed into Nigeria national youth empowerment program NPOWER as a volunteer corps with a monthly stipends.

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