The Reasons Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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In “ I Acknowledge Mine,” Jane Goodall, the author, argues that animals are treated harshly and inhumanely while living at testing facilities. Throughout the text, Goodall provides information concerning animal testing in labratories. Goodall gives off a sense of urgency about the topic in her writing. She enhances the tone by the use of diction, imagery, and figurative language and why animal testing should be banned .

Goodall’s diction emphasizes the cruelty of animal testing. This results in readers experiencing emotions, specifically sadness, towards the situation. The author manages this by describing the living conditions and hardships of the chimpanzees. “Not yet part of any experiment, they had been waiting in their cages for four months. They were simply objects stored in the smallest space that would permit them to live” . Goodall’s choice of words such as “objects” and “permit them to live” creates a sense of empathy for readers to feel towards the chimpanzees. By using these words, it makes it seem as though the chimpanzees aren’t of any significance. Due to the reader’s feelings of grief, they feel as though they have a duty to make a change in laboratories in order to protect the poor animals. Goodall’s use of diction creates a powerful feeling of grief for readers. From the reader’s emotion, it pulls the reader’s attention more closely towards the topic. Though while the author does use diction, she also utilizes imagery.

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By using imagery, Goodall adds a whole new depth and layer of emotion towards the subject. Applying imagery helps the audience visualize the harsh environment in laboratories. When visiting the lab, the author discoveres the horrors of animal testing. “This was the hard, cold world of the adult research chimps. There were five on each side of the hall, each in his own small prison of bars” (Goodall, 56). From reading the text, readers visualize what it’s like in laboratories. The phrase “prison of bars” allows the audience to perceive the scene as a horrible living condition inside of a prison. This dynamic of the text heightens tone and mood of the text. The picture embedded into the reader’s mind creates a sympathetic feeling towards the animals. As a result, making the audience wanting for change the way of animal testing, perhaps even going as far as getting rid of it for good. The author’s use of imagery made it feel as though the audience itself was there, going through the same experience as she had. However, in addition to Goodall’s use of diction and imagery, she also utilizes similes.

With the use of figurative language, similes specifically, conveys further insight towards the topic. Goodall uses similes to describe the dread and hardships chimpanzees must go through during animal testing. “I am still haunted by the memory of her eyes, and the eyes of the other chimpanzees I saw that day. They were dull and blank, like the eyes of people who have lost all hope”. By comparing the eyes of the chimpanzee to the “eyes of people who have lost hope,” it causes the readers to feel sympathy. And by feeling sympathy, they feel as though something must be done to change the dire situation. The use of similes in the text added more description and depth to the writing. It adds emotions for readers to feel throughout the story.

In “I Acknowledge Mine,” Goodall uses diction, imagery, and similes to inform readers about animal testing. The devices she used added a layer of emotion for readers to feel when reading the story. I believe that there must be something done about animal testing. Something must change in our ways of acquiring knowledge and information that doesn’t involve hurting any other animals in the process. 

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