The Reasons Why Are Cats Better than Dogs


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 So, you decide a puppy or kitten. Let’s take a look at several features, such as physical and personality traits, attention requirements and time. The physical properties of dogs and cats are sight, hearing, smell, fur, eye color, temperature control and personality.

Puppies are blind in color, they can’t see red and green. They have hearing in the range of 16-20 hertz. This is much better than humans. Puppies can be raised with certain signs of fur color and eye color, but they can change as the puppy becomes an adult. In general, they are born with blue eyes that turn brown. Puppies will soon develop temperature control. When it’s hot, you can sweat, stand up and be ready to calm down. There are usually two characters. Like humans, there is a busy and active sex that focuses on itself. The other type, as you can imagine, is the type of tolerance. Puppies require a specific time to relax. They feed in the morning and in the afternoon. They require that their owner or caregiver be present to meet their needs. They are a pet that requires time.

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On the contrary, cats reproduce blindly and cannot be seen clearly and do not have a clear and practical vision until the thirty-fifth day. They can’t see the color. Cats cannot regulate their body temperature until they are 7 weeks old. The hearing aid is fully developed in 4 weeks. Their smell improves for 3 weeks, but they only have 67 million odor sensitive cells compared to 220 million puppies. In this sense, the puppy wins. The color of the eyes may change as your cat matures, but this happens in the first weeks. Cats are colored as they mature. Your cat must be full of energy. This is an indication that your little cat is healthy. They need physical activity and space to develop properly. They require a physical touch to warm up and develop a hierarchy within the family. The more you interact with your little cat, the more family you will have. After cats have evolved to work alone, they can leave them for long hours with a litter box, food and water.

In conclusion, after comparing physical and personal traits and attention and time requirements in this busy lifestyle, the obvious option is to have a small cat. Now I know that cats and dogs are nice because they are small and small, but the time factor simply decided that cats are better than dogs.

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