The Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Or not

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College athletes are the ones who deserve money for playing the sport for there team. A lot of athletes complain about the struggles they have but there is a lot of people who do not support the fact that they should be paid. In my own words, College athletes should be getting paid because there is a lot of evidence that supports the quetion why college athletes should be getting paid because their struggles are so severe. People should not believe it would cause any harm to pay the players for there time, hard work, and dedication.

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One struggle college athletes actually complain about is they struggle with there money problems even with a full scholarship. The scholarship mainly pays for there books for some classes that they may need. Most of there scholarships come to them for the sport that they play. These players spend all of there time at school that they have no time for a side job with all of that hard work and dedication. They play to impress and they try so hard to pass the classes that they take. But they really don’t get an award for doing so except a degree if they even achieve it.

Another struggle that college athletes have is their lack of sleep. Many college players spend most of there nights catching up on work that they missed and studying for tests that they have coming up. With all of that work being done during the night, they start lacking there sleep and ruin there sleep schedule. Ruining your sleep schedule is a big turn due to that making you tired and less focused during the day. Most people don’t understand what these players go through to achieve what they want so badly. Sleep is key to focus, energy, and hard work. Without it, you’ll be falling asleep during the day which will have a consequence.

One of the most important struggles that a college athlete has is no time for the outside world. They focus so much throughout the day and night that they have no time to go visit family, or go have some fun during there college years. Many college athletes have reported complaints about them feeling like they are just being used for there athleticism. They are working them so hard and they have no time for anything else which makes them feel used. Although it is school and you have to go through it to get what you want to achieve in life, outside of school they are working just as hard to work on their body and playing. Michael Jordan once said, “You’re not going to make 100% of the shots you take, but you still take some shots because you are confident.” No one will ever be the best at something because everyone has there good days and ad days, it all depends on what happens.

College athletes have way more downsides then just money, but money is sure a big one. Make life a little easier on them and reward them for there hard work and dedication. Or they will remain feeling like what they are doing is pointless and it is ruining there lives. Without that sleep, the outside world, and what that scholarship doesn’t cover, it will always be hard for them to get by. But college athletes are so extraordinary and hard-working that they somehow do. But as Michael Jordan said, people have confidence. Giving them a little money that will help them build their confidence in what they can do and what they want to do.     

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