The Reasons Why Females Should Play Male Sports

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Women should be included as members in male teams for sports and vice versa. In my opinion, I think women should be able to join men in doing men sports only if all the men agree with it and only if the women can take the punishment and also if the men aren’t shy ie If they don’t want to hurt the girls like if you were playing soccer and you where one of the players and you would slide tackle a man but if it were a girl then you would take a more subtle approach. Mary Kom is a prime example of this and she said, “If, being a mother of two, can win a medal, so can you all.” She is an Olympic Bronze Medallist in Boxing she has fought in over sixteen games and has won all of them, and more than half of all here games were men, she has shaped the way that societies today look at women and whether or not they should be able to compete against males in sport.

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Why women won’t get chosen even if women would be allowed to play in men sports. The problem is not that all men, on average, are bigger and more powerful than women. IT is that Professional sports teams do not recruit average people. The issue is that male strength and height are way greater than most females in society today. The tallest, strongest women are not as tall and as strong as the tallest, strongest men, and the gap is huge. Most likely than not a professional team will choose from the strongest and often the largest players (depending on the sport) available to them. The pool of extremely strong, tall men is big enough that teams will fill out their rosters (teams that play in the games) before working their way down to the strongest, tallest women.

Height and Strength aren’t the only reasons, there is also a physiological factor. Brains obviously matter in sports, and we are all sure professional female athletes understand their games just as well as the guys and sometimes better, some women can also outsmart men. They can make fantastic plays and make quick decisions. But an average-smart player in peak physical condition is probably a better choice than a brilliant women player whose height and physical condition is way worse than the men that they would be playing against. 

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