The Reasons Why I Believe Adnan Syed is Innocent

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Reasons Why Adnan is Innocent
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  • Serial Podcast
  • Adnan Syed in Prison
  • Why is Adnan Syed Innocent?

When someone brought up the name Adnan Syed four years ago, people would say “who’s that?” or “why is Adnan Syed innocent” but now if you were to bring up that name, many would know who that is. The podcast “Serial” that was released in 2014 has opened up many people to try to solve a murder case that was missing so much information. This podcast is about the murder case that gets broken down into episodes and is being narrated by Sarah Koenig which gives the listeners a teaching of what took place on January 13, 1999. Adnan Syed was a student that attended Woodlawn High school where he was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. After listening to this podcast, you are left to believe that Adnan Syed is innocent and was wrongfully accused of this murder because you see to realize that there is no evidence that proves Adnan guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

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Serial Podcast

I believe that if anyone were to listen to the Adnan Syed Murder case podcast, they would finish feeling so disappointed with the people that handled the case at the time because the evidence that was provided weren’t enough nor strong. The conviction was based upon a testimony that an old friend of Adnan had come forward with named Jay. Jay had given the story twice and both times they were different but still appeared as evidence to believe. I believe if I was there and made up a lie back then, they would’ve believed it because that is the same with Jay’s testimony. I was so mad when I heard that because if that were to happen in our justice systems, nothing that Jay had said would’ve been considered, he would only be looked at as a person of interest because his information wasn’t precise. I believe with all my heart that there is an innocent man that has been locked up in prison for 20 years while the murderer is still having his freedom.

Adnan Syed in Prison

Throughout the podcast, I was thinking about why I felt like Adnan was innocent. The only reason that came to my mind was because not one piece of evidence found him guilty. I felt like the lawyer he had was not doing her job properly because his side of the story was very weak. There were dozens of items found within the car that was said to be used in the murder and none of the items that were found like nail clippers, blood samples and even a liquor bottle tested positive for Adnan Syed’s DNA. If only Adnan Syed had a lawyer like Sarah Koenig, I am very sure he would’ve been free from this conviction just because Sarah goes as deep as getting in contact with the people that were with Adnan at the time he was in the library. Imagine if that was 20 years ago, she would have had more proof to be shown and also the surveillance footage wouldn’t have been just abandoned because that was the most important set of evidence that was not asked for in 1999.

Why is Adnan Syed Innocent?

Blaming Adnan for this murder never seemed right from the beginning, especially because he never was a violent person from how everyone who knew him described him. He was very known in his town and was very popular within his school. He was even chosen to become prom king from his reputation at Woodlawn High school. He may have been a person who does drugs and hid the fact that he had a girlfriend from his parents but that is basically what most teens do at that age. How could someone be so innocent and know how to work out a murder and be able to return to his life as calm as he was at his practice as if nothing had happened. Asia would’ve never written that note to try to help Adnan. She would’ve written how he seemed off that day they talked because if someone was planning to kill someone right after, they would be acting very suspicious. Nothing that Jay had said about Adnan seemed right, nothing fell in its position with Jay’s testimony.

Asia would’ve played a very big role within defending Adnan Syed just because she is said to have been with Adnan at the library at the time Hae was murdered. When Asia wrote the note and said that Adnan was at the library at 2:20pm and they had a conversation that was 15 to 20 minutes and then both left the library at 2:40pm, that proves that Adnan was in the library when Hae was said to have been murdered. When Jay had said that Adnan had called him and told him about the murder, why didn’t he think it was a good idea to let the police know about the incident instead of helping him get rid of the body and not say anything. That just doesn’t sound correct. If Adnan was guilty of this murder he wouldn’t have been devastated when he heard that Hae was found dead, he would’ve right away called Jay and asked him what to do because from what Jay says, he knows about the murder. He would’ve been worried that he was going to get caught and be convicted of the crime instead of trying to find out what occurred.

Therefore, I strongly believe that Adnan Syed is innocent because Adnan was convicted by someone’s testimony that never sounded truthful and that was changed twice by him. I believe that Jay has something to do with the murder just because he was quick to blame Adnan for the murder and also, he never seemed to try to tell anyone that Adnan murdered Hae when he was called to help him bury the body. That is why I find Adnan Syed Innocent.

What my medium allows me to do that podcasts aren’t able to do is place images. When placing images, it allows the person to see a visual of what you are talking about or explaining. It also allows the person to know who or what you are talking about. For example, when I placed a picture of Adnan Syed it shows the reader a visual of the person you’re talking about.

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