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The Reasons Why I Want To Pursue A Career In The Nursing Field

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Adult nursing is an extremely demanding yet such a rewardingand pleasing career to go into. I want to expand my knowledge further. Nursing requires devotion, empathy and friendliness as well as having communicationtowards patients. Working with adults has been something I am interested in andhas made me realise how important it is to build relationships with people ofall ages. The thought of all the nurses that are out there delivering huge amounts of care is exceedingly inspiring and furthermore adds to the reasons Iwant to go into the career.

Studying B-Tec health and social care in college, and as aGCSE in high school, has informed me about how challenging health and social care is and how they offer a wide range of skills including interaction, dedication and commitment. Studying this subject has also made me realise that nursing, or any other job in the health and social field is more than aprofession, it is having the responsibility maintaining a healthy wellbeing for those in society. Short deadlines have enabled me to enhance my time management skills further and develop the ability to work under pressure whilst communicating within group tasks.

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One of the units I have studied is anatomy and physiology which increased my hunger for knowledge in science. This unit kept me fascinated about the human body and how each part of our body functions on a daily basis. It is all so intriguing and keeps me scrutinizing all units.

I am also studying A-level psychology. Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour, including your conscious and unconsciousthoughts. My interest for psychology stemmed from secondary school as I found the subject quite eye-opening and so thought-provoking. The content was very phenomenal and this was when I decided that I would take the subject further and proceed to study it at A-level. Psychology is relevant to the career I would like to go into since being a nurse, knowing how your patients’ are thinking and feeling is important and taking high quality care of your patient should be the focus. Each patient is a unique individual and would therefore have different thoughts and emotions. A nurse should be able to regulate how a patient’s physical well-being impacts their mental state, doing whatever they can to make sure the patient is comfortable. For example, you may have an encounter with an angry patient and as theduty of a nurse you should be able to understand the different emotions the patient is feeling. This would lead to better communication and more effective care.

The last subject I am studying is A-level Sociology. Sociology is the study of the structuring and functioning of society. My passion for this subject had also stemmed from GCSE. Studying sociology isbeneficial in nursing when it comes to handling a diverse range of patients.

Being a nurse includes a lot of human interaction and understanding components of the human behaviour. By doing this it would ensure that, as a nurse, I am able to provide genuine and appropriate care, not only improving health; buttheir quality of life as well. Without studying sociology a nurse would be incapable of understanding little details of providing diagnosis to those with different beliefs and ideologies. By being on route to getting a full qualification in first aid, learning basic life skills such as carrying out CPR and putting people in recovery position has bought me great pleasure and I have gained great insightin to how important first aid is and how you can save someone’s life so easily.

By going out of my comfort zone I signed up to take part in NCS. This was a whole new experience for me and within the program my confidence had enhanced, I participated in activities I would normally be afraid to do such as rockclimbing and I was able to interact with groups of people. To conclude, I would like to pursue a career in the nursing field because it is a rewarding job.


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