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Why did you choose to study in Australia and not in your home country? My choice on the University of Adelaide varied on a number of advantages and what impact it will have on my professional status. In Kenya, there are quite a number of revolutionary institutions such as the University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Strathmore University among others. Thorough research on the courses offered within the parameters of computer science revealed a trend in the universities mentioned offering computer science coupled with informatics and systems as their primary course. The University of Nairobi offers masters in applied computing and distributed computing technology whereas Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology mainly offers computer systems and artificial intelligence while Strathmore University offers masters in computing and information science. With the University of Adelaide, masters in computer science, it encompasses all the various courses in my local universities and combines them to one singular course. Furthermore, the University of Adelaide is a world-class institution setting high standards in both education and research output. Such a culture instils the work ethic and determination that’s envious among employers in my home country.

Additionally, Australia has an internationally acclaimed education system and an alluring support structure that envisions studying in Australia attractive. Why did you choose to study at your nominated University / College? The University of Adelaide offers a lot to be desired regarding skills, professional output, and research within the computer science field which often translates to better working opportunities and placement in the job industry. With the University of Adelaide attaining a global ranking of 114 in the QS World University rankings, the institution is the only university in South Australia to be ranked within the top 250. With a research output index of very high; lecturers, students and researchers alike have gone on to solve the world’s most opulent challenges that have significantly impacted the economy in sectors such as health, public policy and quality of life. As such, the university has seen alumni and researchers alike win accolades such as Barry James and Robin Warren who won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 2005(Robin Warren earned his degree at the University of Adelaide), James McWha Award of Excellence that went to Ms. Annabel Crabb who is also an alumnus of University of Adelaide.

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The list of accolades is endless but the underlying stature is that despite the course of faculty that one is, the quality of teaching is more than exemplary across the board. Within the engineering and technology department, the institution ranks between 101-105 according to timeshighereducation. com proves that the nurturing environment and the unwavering commitment is to the highest standards as well as its facilities which go on to ensure that students fulfil their potential and make significant contributions to the world. Tell us about the research that your personally undertook into study options in other countries or at other Australian institutions? In a deep dive to research the following top universities within their respective countries i. e. Concordia University, Flinders University and the University of Johannesburg peaked my interest. All universities listed above are proficient in postgraduate computer science but it all boils down to the following aspects: ranking, research output, focus and acceptance of international students. When it comes to ranking, Concordia University comes in at 464 whereas Flinders University comes in at 478 and lastly the University of Johannesburg is at 551. Global ranking of universities is done with respect to research output.

The University of Adelaide ranks at 114 by virtue of its highly intensive research output. Global relationships with business partners have seen students at the university collaborating on research and licensing intellectual property. Furthermore, the research probabilities are conducive owing to the research pool that incorporates more than a thousand academic experts. Even though Concordia University has the same research output as the University of Adelaide, global ranking still outweighs Concordia University and provides merit to the University of Adelaide. For the other institutions, Flinders University and the University of Johannesburg, research output is fairly high, as shown by the various accolades that alumni have achieved but still cannot match that of the University of Adelaide. In terms of focus both Concordia University and University of Johannesburg are comprehensive nevertheless, considering the high regard for the Australian education system, Flinders University and University of Adelaide offer a high standard of specialized subject focus that has seen a similar trend of Nobel laureates recognized in the medical field yet the University of Adelaide still comes out on top.

Finally, in the matter of acceptance of international students including also international staff, University of Adelaide is the most inclusive of all the schools which by its very nature enables students to build strong global networks as well as enhance academic credentials, expand one’s knowledge and extends one’s international perspective and that is why I chose the University of Adelaide to undertake my postgraduate. Why did you choose to study this course?Kenya is currently going through a technological phase with numerous organizations and government offices alike shifting towards technological revolutions to bring services to their customers and citizens i. e. Mpesa, ecitizen among others. The onset of this digital age within Kenya requires a more advanced scientific approach to carry out the required incorporation of industrial science. Computers have and continues to be a growing passion for me. The ability to find solutions to various challenges that inhibit human growth has been at the core survival of human beings as a race.

The fire was one of the earliest solutions to a wide array of problems and just as the fire was then, it still is now. I believe that computer science holds the same stature as fire. With my Bachelors in Science (Information Technology), information taught and provided was more of a generalized criterion but my interest in computing grew stronger. Computer science brings the dexterity to theorize, design, develop and apply software and hardware as solutions are the most intelligent phase in human history. Computer science cultivates creativity in connection with high-quality computing solutions which is a highly creative activity. Why? Computing drives innovation and development which translates to competitiveness which subsequently leads being one of the highest paying jobs globally. Moreover, computer science is an ever-evolving field where it is impossible to predict what will happen next thus future opportunities and resolve within the field are without boundaries. Please describe the structure of the course you are applying for, the key topics you will study and why these interests you.

Masters of Computer Science offers a diverse array of fulfilling units that I would really love to partake in. The program consists of 48 units that will take four semesters for full-time students. Within the 48 units, as a student, am required to undertake a research project, deliver a public representation and write a report on the research. Year one study comprises of specialized programming which mainly deals in computational problem solving that covers general solution categories including brute-force, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, and search techniques. Additionally, twenty-one units of electives are allowed within the first year including: advanced algorithms with aims to aid development of practical problem solving, distributed databases and data mining which aims to teach distributed database system architecture, mobile and wireless systems which examines characteristics of mobile and wireless networks and their impact, introduction to statistical machine learning, modelling and analysis of complex systems which represents an overview of existing theories and methodologies for the analysis of complex system behaviours, computer system security and software architecture that aims to cover principles and guidelines for software architecture design. In the second-year research project part (a) and part (b) with be undertaken coupled with six units of electives which include evolutionary computation that aims at the history of computation and modern heuristic methods. Units such as advanced algorithms, distributed databases, and data mining, mobile and wireless systems and software architecture are very interesting to me because of their modern involvement in our age currently.

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated in various technological sectors including smartphones to meet the ever-growing demand of self-reliant technology and I believe that the mentioned units will direct me to that path or a more advanced one. If you have previously studied in a different area of study or discipline, why are you seeking to change? (if you are not changing your study areas, please write ‘not applicable’)Not Applicable. Masters in Computer Science is a specialized approach to the programming and data science path that I want to take and is directly related to my Bachelors in Information Technology. Please describe the value of this course to your future. Include your career ambitions, industry and roles you anticipate working in when you return home. Include your expected salary. Tell us how studying this course will help you achieve this. Master of Computer Science will greatly impact my career ambitions in my home country, Kenya. With the wave of technological advancements sweeping over Kenya, there is a huge demand for developers and data scientist. Studying at the University of Adelaide will not only equip me with the necessary skill set to perform such tasks but also thrive in the Kenyan employment market. Industry roles such as applications developer, data scientist, games developer, IT consultant, software engineer and web developer in the top organizations in Kenya such as Safaricom, Data Science LTD, Microsoft, IBM are among the few companies that I hope to get employed to once I complete my program.

Furthermore, through this program, my salary outcomes will translate to 200,000 Ksh minimum per month which is more than adequate to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Units such as advanced programming, distributed databases and data mining, software architecture and computer systems security will enable me to obtain complex algorithm structures capable of producing highly functional systems. At the same time, the master’s program will provide the necessary managerial competency that can further raise my salary and the vision of my country. What reasons do you have to return to your home country after you complete your studies? I have numerous reasons to return home but the most important of all is my family, my friends, and my life. It’s been said time and again that home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection no matter where you are and that for me is beside my parents, siblings, and friends. They are where my heart is. I declare that answers given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in refusal of my application.

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