The Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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In recent times, there has been the emergence of the nuisance of the pollution of the atmosphere by the improper disposal of synthetic resin or plastic bags as most call it. This is an unfolding catastrophe that has been overlooked for too long and has gone a long way in eating into the garment of our economy perforating it. This canker needs to be addressed and focused on since it does not only retard development but also claims lives in its process. According to Wikipedia, a plastic bag, poly bag, or pouch is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film, Nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile and plastic bags are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, waste etc. It is a common form of packaging. Due to its composition, plastic bags have caused more harm than good in our society, and hence has to be banned. The following are vivid explanations and reasons why it should be banned.

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First and foremost, plastic bags are responsible for deaths in both human and animal life. Plastics are made up of dangerous and harmful substances such as Bisphenol-A which causes sterility and other cardiovascular diseases in humans. Plastic water bottles are also thought to be carcinogenic. Quite this, plastic bags are answerable for the deaths of giant numbers of marine species, who mistake the bags for food. Plastic bags often end up floating in the seas – the home to many mammals, fish and invertebrates. One species that is at great risk from plastic bags is the already vulnerable Leatherback turtle. Plastic bags will and have killed many animals, including human beings and they solely have one singular use, carry things, for which, they will be simply substituted with other bags whereas plastic bags are usually needed to possess a suffocation warning, that is asphyxiate, sadly, deaths from suffocative on plastic bags do happen, most frequently to kids. This is a significant why plastic bags should be banned.

Secondly, plastic is non-bio-degradable and thus causes pollution; because it cannot be recycled, burning plastic diffuses harmful smoke. Plastic conjointly emits some radiation. Most plastics are non-biodegradable mainly because plastic is widely used because of its low cost, versatility and durability. This durability is partially based on plastic being an uncommon target for bacteria, which makes it non-biodegradable. They do not degrade well in our rubbish dumps, so they can stay on this planet for a protracted time. We cannot have this accumulation of plastic bags and therefore the solely manner forward is to ban their distribution and use. Plastic bags can prove to be a choke hazard for tiny animals and people.

Last but not the least, plastic bags litter our streets. Not solely do plastic bags fill up our dumping sites where they will remain forever more, but people throw them into the streets. Once they are littered, plastic bags find their way on to our streets, parks, and eventually into our waterways. In recent times, these places are changed with our renowned dumping sites and some of these plastic bags end up in our gutters which leads to flood. In 2015, one major flood that occurred in Ghana was the Kaneshi market and this led on to affect its surroundings. It also served as a breeding site for mosquitoes which also caused the outbreak of malaria. Investigations proved that this flood was mainly caused by choked gutters which later was proved to have contained a lot of plastic bags. This is an evidence that plastic bags should be banned.

There is no doubt that plastic bags have made our lives simpler from multiple points of view but we can also put a ban on plastic bags as other countries have because the disadvantages overcome the advantages. However, we must understand that mere ban can never help to sort the hazardous effects on the plastic bags. It’s about time we realize the importance of our environment and curb away things that can degrade our environment.

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