The Reasons Why the American Dream is Still Alive

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 Is the American dream still alive? Posed this question among numerous Americans and as per every individual's experience, you will find various answers. A few Americans don't have the slightest idea of what to accept in any case and they will say it is confusing to them. Individuals don't have a reasonable answer if the American dream is alive or dead. In any case, it isn't surely known who is to accomplish the fantasy. Is it the government or the citizens? There are some reasons why the american dream is still alive 

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After the terrorist attack on September 11, the American dream for some took an unexpected turn. Surely, talk about the immigrants in America who have confronted an outstanding change in their life plans. All immigrants hurry to America where they accept any opportunities that exist. They accompany their heads so high, trusts so brilliant to seek after satisfaction and riches without the dread of losing it all instantly. It is a fantasy for outsiders from the Middle East to be in America; a nation where segregation is supposedly history and where nobody will keep them from accomplishing their fantasies throughout everyday life. They all work hard and avoid trouble just to try to get citizenship in America so they can accomplish their dreams.

This was the situation before hundreds died from a terrorist attack. After the attack, that was the point at which their promising end to present circumstances turned into their worst nightmare. The Americans have now betrayed that dream for the sake of making America a protected place free from terror. The immigrants from the Middle East currently watch as their privileges vanish for the obscurity of security.

What does one have to endure because his religion is related to terrorism? Is that not what they fled from in their countries? There is no opportunity left to them although they are away from their nations and the sound of impacting bombs. How do our friends who are Muslims become residents if it is now difficult to appreciate a couple of foreigners' privileges? Nowadays the law enforcement can break into their homes without warrants or capture them and hold them for long for the sake of guaranteeing protection. What is left for them to have faith in any longer? What they thought was a splendid new start is presently an impasse.

 Today, in the event that you are from the Middle East, name it the Arabic land, at that point employer stability is never again guaranteed.

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