The Reasons Why Video Games Are Good for You

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 Today I am here to talk about a very wide topic, video games. Video games are a very controversial topic all around the world. There are two main sides, the pro, and the con. People who still believe video games aren’t good for society haven’t come to realize that the world is changing and so is education and entertainment. They are the ones who still think that the “world” is no different from before. They clearly don’t understand our current state of education. That is why I strongly agree that video games are good for society and its people. So I’m here today to tell you why.

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Andy Serkis brings up a great point, he stated that “Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality..” This quote is extremely relevant to our current topic video games is part of our culture, most things have something to do with video games. Which is why videogames are so important in our growth and future improvements.

Video games can do more than just entertain. A study from the University of Toronto finds that people who normally play violent video games, like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, are actually able to improve hand-eye coordination, and have much better skills than people who don’t play video games. This results can support that video games could be part of treatments for the people who struggle with hand-eye coordination skills and etcetera. Overall it strongly helps to improve things that regular people can’t do. Hand-eye coordination is something very important in a day to day life, you will be able to react faster and more accurately. Reacting faster can actually help improve many physical abilities, and interest people in sports, but many people think that video games don’t support this kind of athleticism. That opinion is incorrect. Not only that, but you will be able to type faster and more efficiently, which is very important in our daily lives, it can support good working habits and productivity.

There are many things people say about playing games like damaging your eyesight. But actually, it does the complete opposite. According to work led by Daphne Bavelier of the University of Rochester, playing a video game can improve your visual ability which is a crucial thing for reading or driving at night. Video games have been shown to help and improve eyesight. In just 10 weeks of playing video games, it can offer the opportunity to be able to distinguish between multiple shades of the same color with greater regularity. This ability is called contrast sensitivity function. It allows people to notice even subtle changes in shades of gray against a uniformly colored backdrop. It’s also one of the first visual abilities to fade with age. That’s why a daily amount of action video game can provide long-lasting visual abilities.

People often take lots of time to make a single decision. Making decisions is one of the most important things in a person’s life as it has a strong cause and consequence pattern, any wrong decision can mess up a big part of your life. Video games are a great way to help solve this problem. When you play a game and get a limited time to cross the level, naturally you’re brain works faster as you conclude you need to solve it quickly. Here, you act as fast as you can to choose the right path or the selection of completing quickly. It takes approximately 15 min for an average person to choose what to eat on a normal day, whereas if you play video games, that time can shorten to 5 min as games can help control that process, and strengthens your decision-making skills. Compared to non-players, gamers who spend time daily playing high-speed games one can react to questions or situations up to 25% faster. This can also help in your daily life if you are confused about something, you will be able to easily choose the right decision in a short period of time.

Many students state that they do not well in school or other activities because they have no interest in most subjects. However, video games can actually help fix that. Games can create interest through their characters, plots, and level of difficulty, much like how books were the main entertainment and education for the generations before us. By putting a gamer into a specific world, it can start to interest them for a specific subject covered in the game. That can involve a certain theme or era. For example, a war theme, some sort of fictional future or things that resemble the past, like a previous war. These things can support things like vocational skill, such as computer coding or basic survival skills and/or needs. As we are an age of technology and things like coding and survival skills can help us in the future and present. It develops new skills and new technology for the greater good.

Many people say video games have no real purpose or that it is a bad “addiction”, but there are many worse things a person could be doing. A vice is a wicked behavior or a wrong act and everyone has a vice that bothers them, it could be smoking, drinking, excessive eating, or thousands of other activities and decisions that bother them from time to time. But games can be a replacement for unhealthy vices such as an activity that promotes better health. People who play video games can often fix more vices while playing on a regular basis, and fill up the time So the truth is that these habits of playing often can promote healthier choices and help be the cure of their own vices.

That concludes my topic for today. Overall it is clear about the fact that video games are something important for the growth of society and its civilians. It can strongly improve things like education, entertainment, decision-making skills, and plenty of other skills that are needed in day-to-day tasks. With the help of video games one of the world’s leading problem, drug addictions, drinking problems, and other unhealthy vices can be reduced by 25 %, it may not seem like a lot but that’s over 1 million lives changed. And any change is better than no change. If you’re still not convinced that video games are good for us and our education, that without a doubt, video games played too often is bad for you. But then again, too much of anything is never good. In life, there are specific thresholds one must obey in order to maintain a healthy optimal balance.

 Everything must be at to be balanced in between good and bad consequences for the best outcome of life. So in conclusion video games are good, they aren’t an evil device but a helpful tool. 

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