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The Reasons Why Video Games Are So Addictive

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Millions of people play video games, right? I mean, “interact with people on a screen”, sure. . . Why do video games hold 91% of us kids lives? Gamers are normal people, meaning, they go to school or work, come home, and play video games. The other gamers can be killers. Some are very depressed people who would commit suicide. Games like Fortnite and Overwatch and so many more are so addictive! Some kids have bad experiences because something terrible had influenced them in the video game. People who don’t play video games are not addicted. If we want to know about the consequences of playing video games, we need to understand the importance of them.

Video games are intruding the brain cells in our body and are making images of violent scenes from their games. We should all play games that are restricted by our age because if we don’t, we might get some images inside our head. Games like Fortnite are addictive because it’s easy to learn how to play fast, and once you get okay, you can feel a sense of accomplishment. This can be a bad thing, for example, a news article by The mirror says that kids are reenacting scenes from Fortnite. This is bad for kids because there are supposed to be living life playing instead of being so violent. Parents say that they find that their kids are spending too much time playing video games.

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According to the studies led by Professor Turel, of California State University, the impact on the kids’ brains is marked: Say someone sees a video game or phone, this system in the brain activates. It’s a very strong activation compared to other people. There was, however, a positive in that the studies showed the part of the brain responsible for “self-control” over their impulses was not affected in the same way for excessive social media users as other addictions. The findings come as Britain’s children are gripped by the Fortnite video game, with one nine-year-old reportedly admitted to rehab after becoming so addicted she wet herself rather than leave the screen and primary schools urging parents to banned their children from playing the game. Addictions are very harsh but why is the real question. Everyone knows all these games, but why is there so much going on in your brain. Studies show that playing video games can change how our brains perform because the cortex brain cell is triggered to want more electrical devices a. k. a games. For example, playing video games affects our attention, and some studies found that gamers show improvements in several types of attention, such as sustained attention or selective attention. The brain regions involved in attention are also more efficient in gamers and require less activation to sustain attention on demanding tasks.

Video games can also be addictive, and this kind of addiction is called “Internet gaming disorder. ” Researchers have found functional and structural changes in the neural system in gaming addicts, exposing them to have a gaming cues that causing needs and monitoring their neural responses. These neural changes are basically the same as those seen in other addictive disorders such as alcohol abuse.

Games that follow age restrictions or the government law. We should make restrictions higher Instead of 12 plus it would be 19 plus like alcohol because the cortex taking 91% if our knowledge and memory. instead, we should all do our homework and interact with other people because we were ment to, it is our fate.


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