The Reasons Why We Need a Democratic Government

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 i had to actually read this quote a few times to really understand what it’s trying to say. I’ve never really been the type of person to be up to date with current issues going and what’s going on with the world or anything like that, but this course has opened my eyes to a lot of different things. Not only current problems going on with the world, but how the government has had to take action and lay down the law with these issues and try to make everyone happy. I would hate to be the person that had to decide whether or not something should be allowed or not for everyone in America. Especially because people are so opinionated in our current society. This was good for me to actually have to learn about these issues and form an opinion about them, I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from this, and I’m able to respect other people’s opinions and have come to understand why people feel the way they do, even if the opinion is the opposite of what I agree with.

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The very first thing I got out of the quote was that Winston Churchill is trying to say that a democracy is the worst kind of government. He says that the world is of “sin and woe” and that so many different types of government have been tried. I think also that he is saying that he knows that no type of government is perfect and he’s not expecting people to act like it’s perfect, but that there are better ways to handle things than a democracy. I think that the government has the worst job of all of us, because as much as we all have our opinions, the government can never make everyone happy, so they have to deal with the wrath of whatever they choose to do. I also think this quote is short, but it really shows how Winston Churchill feels about the democratic government. I wonder what he would do differently if he was put into power.

I don’t completely agree with the quote but I also don’t disagree. I do agree that a lot of different governments have been tried and that they all have their own flaws and none of them could ever be a perfect way to run a government. I feel like I don’t know enough about government and the different types that have been tried to have a solid opinion on the topic and this quote. I do feel like we all have our own opinions and humans could never agree on something as a whole, that it’s good that we at least have something going for us, even if that is a democracy. I like the fact that in a democracy that the people get to vote on what they want and the public actually has a say. I have a lot of learning to do about the current government and the different types of government that have been tried and are being practiced. I’ve always just ignored that there are issues going on that I didn’t want to have an opinion about, or that I didn’t want to get offended if someone had a different opinion than me.

All the issues I have researched in this course have all been related to the government and the laws they pass and things they allow and don’t allow. I have had to find out what the government did over the years and how things change so much over time with different issues. In every issue that our country has, the final decision is always up to the government even if the public has their opinions, the final answer always goes to them. It makes you wonder how things are going to change later on in the world and how different opinions will be then, and how the government will react to these things. I would hate to be in the government for all of these reasons that I have seen throughout this course, and these were really just the tip of the iceberg compared to all the other issues going on. I really don’t like to learn very much about these topics because I don’t like to have a strong opinion and get upset when someone tries to disagree with me, I think everyone has a right to an opinion and I don’t think people always respect that. Current issues going on with our country are a big thing and it was good for me to learn about them, and if I didn’t do this course before trying to write this essay, I wouldn’t be able to.

Overall, I think that we should all be somewhat aware of what’s going on in the world and we should all form some kind of opinion on the current issues going on. I think there is a point where you need to realize that you have the right to have an opinion, but you also need to know that everyone else has that right just as much as you do. I wish the world had a better way at expressing it’s opinions and respecting others opinions too, but we always act selfishly. This course was good for me to learn a lot and form opinions on things I didn’t think I had any thoughts about.  

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