The Reasons Why We Should Use Electric Cars

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Around the world 3 million premature deaths happen per year due to air pollution. Half of that number are newborns. And one third of that air pollution comes from tailpipe emissions from gas powered cars. Gas powered cars are a very large contributor to greenhouse gases and fossil fuels so making the switch to an electric vehicle can make and assist to our already agonizing environment. Even though a large amount of co2 is gathered to make an electric car, instead of putting that co2 out in the environment we can use that co2 to get that increasing co2 amount lower.

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An average american spends around 2 to 4 thousand dollars on gas per year. With an electric car instead of going to the gas station and filling up your vehicle there. You can recharge your vehicle at home, work or even at a busy road. The electricity used for recharging your vehicle is used from renewable sources.

Everybody knows how loud cars can be. Even the tiniest of motors. Sometimes you just feel bad for the people that live next to a really busy road. An electric car possesses no sound at all. Quiet as can be.

If you feel like that electric cars aren’t safe. A handful amount of electric car features improve its safety. With the tendency of having a lower centre of gravity. That feature helps it so it can’t be rolled over easily. That feature also helps with responsiveness, handling, and it also improves your comfort. They can also have a decrease hazard for primary fires or explosions. In a collision the development of the car can make it more safer.

With an electric car your maintenance will save you a lot of money and precious time. An electric car doesn’t have as much moving parts as a gas powered car does. You don’t have to worry about failed transmissions and oil changes anymore. But you do have to alternate with the battery and the brakes. That not the big of a problem batteries can last up to 15 years an a mild climate and it also comes with an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty for most models.

Not only does an electric car have a lot of pros but it also has several cons. Let me tell you the most crucial.

Electric cars aren’t cheap at all. Electric cars can nevertheless demand a fee top rate over the same gas powered vehicles. This could be a problem for people that really want to buy and electric car but down have the expenses to buy one.

If you do want to go on long road trips it will be very hard and difficult for you to plan it out. Rural areas don’t have as much charging stations as cities do. This also poses a large problem to apartment and condo dwellers in cities who don’t have access to a at home charging station. The lack of easy and quick accessible charging areas can make you really anxious and can be really stressful at times.

As the downside inherit in any new technology fade away. To go electric or not this decision will be one of the most difficult our generation has to go through and face.Just because there is a variety of factors doesn’t mean they have to be overwhelming. Doing a fair bit of research into models,and maybe even hybrids,will make you make an accurate decision moving forward. However, no matter how you look at it, an electric car can save our precious planet. 

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