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The Reasons Why WW1 Was A Period Of Progress In Canada

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There are many reasons why World War 1 represents a period of progress for Canada. One reason why WW1 was a period of progress is because of medicine being improved during WW1. Another reason for WW1 being a period of progress for Canada is that during WW1, and after, Canada showed how loyal and terrifying they could be in combat. A third reason for Canada having a period of progress, is because women gained more rights then they had before hand. These three reasons are for the period of progress that Canada had during/after WW1.

During the war medicine was improved from what it was before had. One way medicine was improved was that beforehand they could only do amputations to deal with infections, but during WW1 Henry Dakin created a antiseptic that would treat infected wounds instead of amputating it. The antiseptic was made out of sodium hypochlorite. Another way they improved was in the anesthesia route, in which a american doctor named George Crile, showed army doctors about a new anesthesia, which used nitrous oxide, to put a patient asleep, but not into a state of shock. Even with these improvements if people didn’t donate vehicles to be made into ambulances, the soldiers would probably not have made it. By the end of the first year of the world there was over 100 ambulances in the American Ambulance Field Service. Without these improvements we would not have the privileges of the Hospitals now a days.

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During WW1, and after, Canada showed that they are one country and one people. During the war Canada showed on multiple occasions that they were a fighting force. One such occasion was Vimy Ridge, in which Canada unified as a nation. During that battle they Arthur Currie used a tactic called creeping barrage. This was one of Canada’s most defining victorys. During the war Canada showed the resources it had to help anyone that needed it. During the armistice Robert Borden, acting prime minister, told the British government that the parliament was going to have to look the armistice before they were allowed to sign it for them. Without this Canada might still be under the British government, and we wouldn’t be as independent as we are today.

The final reason that Canada had a period of progress is because woman got more rights/benefits, during/after WW1. At the end of WW1, the War cabinet released their final statement, stating that there was to be a principle stating that, there was to be equal pay for equal work. During the war Robert Borden put a policy into place where, women who are the family of a service men, then you are allowed to vote. Officially most women were allowed to vote in 1921, but aboriginal and asian women were not allowed to vote. The last reason that women were benefited was because women were employed in more male dominated fields, even after the males who were fighting the war came back.

These reasons made women have more benefits during/after WW1, this allowed women to rise up in the ranks of society and make the world the way we view everyone’s rights. These reasons are why Canada is the way that it is, and the way we view equality and peoples rights. The first being that medicine and transportation for the hospital were improvements that allowed us to live in a world where we are allowed to have a safer and more comfortable hospital visit if necessary. Without Canada fighting in WW1 nobody would be able to see what Canada could offer, which would make our independence less valid as a nation. The fact that women were allowed more benefits and rights allowed them to influence the way Canada is today. These reasons allowed Canada to become a first world that it is today.


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