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Ski Notes and Queries: Progress and General Current News of the Skiing World

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More services were developed to serve the members of the club. The year recognized to be most successful with a record increase in membership. There were 171 new members that concluded to be 46% increase which higher than any other Federated Ski Club.

A new form of communication with the member has established as a famous skier Mr. Gerald Seligman with assistant of Lieut. Col. de Wattecille were in the process of combining and reviving a form of newsletter to serve as the link between the club and members . The rebirth of ‘Ski Notes & Queries’ has proved to be a valuable means of keeping members informed of club affairs, progress and general current news of the skiing world . The ‘Ski Notes & Queries’ also included the result of the competitions, and the format was conforming with British Ski Year Book.

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As number of members was increasing, the committees were deliberating to issue the alteration of the rules regarding officers and committee management which only affect the organization of the committee, not the rules of play or race related . The restriction was amended to systematize the club which regulate the term in the role as committee and the qualification of becoming a working committee.

While Ski Club of Great Britain was sourcing and combining information to share via ‘Ski Notes & Queries’ to member and hold such expert position in regards of understanding the snow and winter. The reputation received wider recognition and reached to national newspaper. The honor was invited by ‘The Times’ to provide snow and weather report. ‘The Times’ formerly used and relied on The Swiss Federal Railways’ report which later found to be not incorrect and not as accurate and reliable as ski expertise .

The first week of the year, January 3rd to 8th 1924, Ski Club of Great Britain organized the British Ski Championship 1924 held at Adelboden, Switzerland. The programs on the first day included novices race and ladies race in the morning and afternoon respectively. New format of race introduced on the second day, Friday January 4th, was slalom, the new technique of alpine skiing recommended by Arnold Lunn, technical committee of Ski Club of Great Britain. The Championship race, Ski Jump and Handicap Race followed later days that week. The report of the Championship was also published in ‘Ski Notes & Queries’ that widely consumed among members from last year revival.

As excited as Arnold Lunn included new race in the Championship program, he with his allies were in pursuit of spreading the new technique of skiing to the bigger circle and challenge worldwide committee like the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) to consider adopt Alpine skiing included slalom in their events .

Throughout the year, conversation between several ski clubs in Great Britain presumed united. The agenda raised the idea of the amalgamation of British Ski Association and Ski Club of Great Britain in aim of tighten the bond and consolidated the aggregation . The members of Ski Club of Great Britain were in favor of the concept. There was such an important discussion among committees . The steps and process to combines the two clubs was complex and have taken to an account in every monthly committee meeting.

However, such complexity and multiple aspects to be consider during the due diligence before the concrete result prepare to be announced, not until the end of the year, the one of many decisions concluded for Ski Club of Great Britain to continue used the same badge . Nonetheless, the conversation carried on and necessary steps was taken one by one, consequently the movement stretched to later year.


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