The Reevaluation of Health in Poor Countries

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According to 80000 hours in the subject of health in poor countries, states, “These diseases cause unnecessary suffering and death both to victims and their families” everyone will soon be gone, but when countries allow their financial stability to fail, then health in the population will take an overturn to the worst possible case and limit the years someone had. (Wiblin) Poverty is a massive issue around the world and over billions of people are negatively affected because of their financial status. There are various countries that are in this black hole of destitution, consequently, the federal position in the country may not provide care concerning the health of their citizens. There are many difficulties when it comes to the overall wellness in poor countries, for instance diseases, viruses, and epidemics that can result in an inevitable death. Fortunately, with this repulsive problem there are solutions that can help these countries improve their health care system. Such include the expansion of volunteer services, financial contributions from other countries, arrangement of health care budgets, and creating a fundamentally conscious environment among the citizens on the lack of government assistance.

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One major problem of underdeveloped countries is the implementation of weak government institutions. According to the World Economic Forum, the integrity of a country’s possibility to prosper is based upon the government institution.(World Economic Forum) Those in place of an underdeveloped country are based off of outdated practices that make up a traditional economy. In a traditional economy, customs and beliefs help shape the goods and the services the economy produces, as well as the rules and the manner of their distribution. This denies the government capacity to collect revenue and provide programs and services that can benefit their citizens. In which case, places a halt on any economic advancement, enforcing a government that is unable to provide basic government assistance for its citizens. This creates a domino effect of problems, particularly in the health care system. Without a progression in the country’s economic status the civilians are not able to afford the help they need.

As can be seen, the government is in need to undergo a massive change in the way they are currently functioning. The main dilemma of the damaged infrastructure of the health care system is the economy of the country. The World Atlas explains, that traditional economies “do not generate profit”. This leaves the only option to create a new and refined economy that will allow a more centralized government to give direct control over the flow of a country’s finances. It gathers taxes and other major revenues and monitors spending within every level of its structure beneath the main governing body. This creates a more shaped government that will allow for programs and services that will benefit the citizens, such as a defined health care system. Centralized providers have more public resources to provide better services and employ more incentives and monitoring to improve the quality of care.

Another problem that is dealt with in undeveloped countries are that there is not enough volunteers able to lend a helping hand because of the massive expense expected to pay in order to join the program. According to IFRE , volunteers state that the money they are paying with is not known where precisely, it is placed, but a handful of programs utilizes money for their own profits.(IRFE) There are millions of volunteer programs being promoted, but majority of them cost thousands of dollars. The expenses do not cover the entirety of one’s trip. A volunteer is expected to bring additional cash. Volunteers are discouraged to help these people in need because of the cost that is mandatory.

As a result, there should be an increase of volunteers in order to reduce the price of volunteer expenses needed. While there is an increase in volunteers for programs that help undeveloped countries the costing would not be as much needed when added up together. Research by the Institute for Volunteering Research has shown that volunteers with lower incomes can often find it more difficult to afford to volunteer.There are millions of people that would love to help but when the currency is involved, it keeps them from providing medical help to the ones who do not have access to any health support. When there are more accessible volunteers that are skilled in the health system, then there is a bigger quantity of people who are helping a country survive.

Our third argument would be about Foreign Countries refusing to help when they have enough resources to do so if they wished. Our third argument would be about Foreign Countries refusing to help when they have enough resources to do so if they wished. According to BBC states that some country object to helping because of the fear of one day, giving too much and the politicians of the poorer country taken it it for themselves rather than providing for their country.(BBC) Middle Eastern Country named Gatar is the number one most wealthiest country in the world and it does not compare to the poorest country which is the Democratic Republic of Congo. These two countries are miles apart in distance and in the amount of currency they hold. The reasoning may be that they do not help because of the selfishness of wanting to keep the money for themselves or in order to protect themselves from being taken advantage of.

Only a fool can be played, but when there is a strategic plan where everyone is happy then Foreign Aid can be managed between countries. Foreign Aid is extremely beneficial towards undeveloped countries they get a head start of support that will help in the long run of improving their sole country. According to Green Garage, The ECO Friendly Blog states “It can help other nations fight drugs and other problems like HIV/AIDS.” which is increasingly needed as the years go by.(Green Garage) Foreign Aid is not a useless arrangement, this way there is a bond between countries and it saves many lives. Foreign aid can provide places that have no help with medicine, food, shelter, and of course sends doctors to help the people who have bad health. Foreign aid can put a pause on poverty and give sanctuary to the country in need for a split second. Foreign Aid can provide support to the population and make various people feel wanted and cared for. This mechanism does not just bring physical well-being to people, but mentally keeping them sane.

The last argument is a crucial one that is followed by many people living in these conditions. People tend to follow the leader or in this case follow what they are given and accepting it without a want to change. Poverty is something no one wishes to be in but many fear for their voice to be heard. According to Medium Innovations states “Incredible innovation is happening all over the developed world…our challenge is not to find success stories and say, ‘Look, it’s possible!’ Of course success is possible.(Medium Innovations) The real challenge is fostering an overall environment that makes it more than possible but highly likely…” there is progress in plan, but it takes a lot of commitment, meaning letting the social norm of being poor go. People become accustomed to what is in their life, many will leave and attempt to better the way in which they live. A huge portion of the population have no knowledge on how to better their lives because poverty is what they have always known, they have no other mentality of living in other conditions of average pay.

In that result, many can be informed about how to change without causing fear. There are various ways in creating a fundamentally conscious environment without causing a hectic atmosphere in a country. Evoking a public will demand a change in their specifically outdated Health System. According to the University of Star states “If you really believe in something, and you want to make a change, go out and make yourself active in the political community. It’s easier than one thinks and if people all took it seriously, they’d get so much more done.” Change should not be viewed as a very evil thing but should be viewed as something that can possibly change future lives.(Univeresity Star) It will not necessarily be an easy task, but when everyone stands as one they can accomplish everything. Peacefully protesting can express positive energy and show that the population is serious for better health.

In the light of the act of demanding change, one can take the time to reevaluate how foreign aid will discourage this it from occurring. There are many politicians who can become very dependent on the help of opening a door for better. Foreign Aid is a risky move to pull off and is to be dealt with caution. As Brandon [Gaille] states “It can be a way to show favoritism.” and continues to state that it “does not provide a guarantee of benefit” When Foreign Aid is introduced between countries the representation is in order to show dignify adults helping each other, but many become stingy with the lending hands and keep all the salvation that rightfully belongs to the population in need.(Brandon Gaille) Even so, the society that is under Foreign Aid begins to be accustomed to not work for their meals or shelter. The population increases, which means the country that is providing is losing more and more money to people that are being greedy.

Furthermore, one can begin to contradict the previous words, and find flaws within the solution. When more and more volunteers are introduced there is a bigger population in a country that cannot support their own citizens. Protest have become very vital to society and no one knows what can possibly occur in any of these events. According to Peaceably Assemble states that protesters will “be punished for going against their government” Volunteers can become very intrusive when they all come together because they do not comprehend the culture of certain locations.(Peaceably Assemble) Programs that bring volunteers will not be able to cover all the expenses that are needed. When fighting for a change, people get it over their head and become psychotic to the idea of another anarchy to be introduced. Change can result in something more terrifying than what it was it the beginning.

In the final analysis, there are always solutions to a problem that is being encountered. The solutions that have been presented are an expansion of volunteer services, lower volunteer expenses, financial contributions from other countries, and creating a fundamentally conscious environment among the citizens on the lack of government assistance. As Kofi Annan once stated “The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty” and one should not let a materialistic paper define their life. There are millions of ways one can help poor countries, but begin with educating eachother first and be aware that thousands of miles away people are not blessed to be given what majority of people in the United States have on a daily. If people are able to then one should volunteer abroad and have a learning experience of helping people who one never thought would possibly meet.

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