The Reflection of Personal Identity Through Dialect in How to Tame a Wild Tongue

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In 'How to Tame the Wild Tongue’, Gloria Anzaldua tried to grasp why society includes a negative perspective towards Chicano's words still because of the living of Chicano at the border between Mexico and America. Starting her story, the tooth doctor said: “We’re going to have to control your tongue.” A trope from a dentist made the author feel depressed. After that, she planned to allow some thought to the way to tame her tongue. She realized that she had an issue together with her speaking and coming out to allow some thought to it.

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Gloria knew her language as a crucial character that shaped her. In her story, the Chicano Spanish she spoke has evolved naturally as a border language. It had been neither Spanish nor English, people during this border area were estranged and not be acknowledged as a native speaker. This border area is combined from totally different cultures, different customs; therefore, the language they speak is also a combination may be a mixture of many languages combined, which everyone outside this border could not perceive. However, Gloria didn’t contemplate herself as an individual in these groups. Therefore, the language she spoke was appropriate for everyone to speak it.

When Gloria was a child, she had to face a large number of obstacles because of her Chicano accent. The language she spoke was a supply of uncertainty that resulted in her being frustrated and pissed off. She had also certain problems with vanity. The problems that she encountered had a negative impact on her identity. Moreover, Gloria is disturbed that her feminine identity is in peril still as, among the Chicano idiom, the Spanish words prevail which they usually have a masculine kind. Finally, Gloria Anzaldua realizes that she cannot feel content with herself until she understands the ‘illegitimacy’ of her language and accepts that truth. Gloria states that she is outlined by her language and she feels right to speak Chicanos dialect. However, the truth is that she is not accepted by the whites and Hispanic people. Since the young years, she was told that her language is not right. However, eventually, she completed that she cannot be shamefaced of it.

Many people suppose that their ethnic identity and the language they speak are synonyms. Gloria Anzaldua is also a model stating that anyone can be self-validated despite the negative reactions of others to the person’s diversity. The author uses both English and Spanish words in her story while not translating a number of them to the English. This trick demonstrates the break of the languages. Discovering through the way to tame a wild tongue citation, you will see that she includes Spanish words in her text to suggest the reader that she's attending to not surrender her way to communicate.

It's her right and it cannot be stricken by others even her readers. This approach helps to figure out and feel the aim of her story. Anzaldua makes a robust statement about linguistic oppression, each from the dominant and Spanish-speaking communicatory cultures. Here are some samples of her position: “Attacks on one’s form of expression with the intent to censor are a violation of the First Amendment. El Anglo con cara de inocente nos arranco la lengua. Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out.” Moreover, the author additionally said: “Chicanas who grew up speaking Chicano Spanish have internalized the idea that we speak poor Spanish. It is illegitimate, a bastard language. Since we internalized how our language has been used against us by the dominant culture, we use our language differences against one another.”

A person’s language is the key to identity – this is often the foremost plan expressed by Gloria Anzaldua in ‘How to Tame a Wild Tongue’. And it's also an indication of identity. During this approach, language unites and supports totally different people in identifying each other. It’s up to every individual to value the language he/she speaks. It’s up to you to settle on what language to speak every day. You have to be compelled to not permit anyone to dictate you what is the proper approach and what is wrong to talk. In her writing, Gloria Anzaldua motivates minority people to not be discouraged and settle for the fact that they are different and special and take the challenge of being bilingual in the USA.

Anzaldua additionally makes an effort to steer the audience to only agree with the actual fact that some people may speak otherwise, in which Americans should modification their outlook towards diversity. We tend to should agree with each other’s variations and therefore the personal identities of every person. Anzaldua highlights that identity is inseparably connected to the culture. Cultural characteristics are going to be determined by the political, geographical and economic conditions and therefore the language. It's fine and rightful to vary and you have to be accepted to not betray your inner identity so as to be accepted.

I believe that America’s diversity is what makes this country so nice. I feel that everybody ought to retain the way of identity and who they're and what their cultures are like and turn out that wherever they are going. However, I additionally believe that English should be able to be spoken fluently for the foremost part if you are going to become a subject or work here. Therefore, a variety of the things she says, I don’t trust. However, I feel that is a result of she is so enthusiastic about this subject and feels as if she has been burdened. I believe her decision to action to her audience is extraordinarily ennobling. The approach she tells those who clench whom you re okay that you may retain that sense of self and culture and heritage and still accomplish success. 

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