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The Relation of Spirituality to Religion and Yin-tang Theory

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Spirituality and religions are important aspects of any society where faith helps people at the time of difficulty. It can help people become more contented and feel better at the time of difficulty. It allows people to understand their beliefs and review their confidence when they feel dejected and lonely by the materialistic world. It talks about the higher consciousness or the cosmic energies, which are beyond our control. When something unexpected happens, people are forced to believe that it was not the result of their actions, it happened due to something higher unknown.

Relation with Religion

Spirituality and religion are related to each other but still, there is a lot of difference between the two. Religion is related to power, it provides through social support and networking. Religion tells people how they are different from animals. Research on different groups of religious people finds religious thoughts and procedures can reduce mental fatigue and boredom. Its support helps people to conduct mentally depleting tasks effectively with patience.

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Spirituality is not affiliated to any specific group. It is the key part of each religion but is a non-religious experience, where one can meditate or spend time with nature and feel healed. Regular practice can help people who face a kind of inability to experience pleasure in everyday life activities. As per researchers, children spirituality flow through their ability to sense joy and wonder. The sense of fascination or delight is less in adults and they need to nurture such energies by developing a holistic appreciation for the cosmic powers, by spending time with nature and developing the connection.

Yin/Yang Theory

The theory of Yin and Yang which symbolize darkness and light can be applied to human life, which gets polarized and one suffers from the loss of balance between the parallels – dark and light, the two extremes are hot/cold, good/bad, dry/wet etc. The regular practice of balancing Yin/ Yang helps in improving health. Spirituality can help to release the backlog of emotions to feel free and elevated. People gain weight because they have been suppressing fears. The accumulation of fat on the body is, mainly, a reaction by the body to nurture the defence system to handle the fear.

How to Identify Our Connectedness to the Cosmos

Spirituality provides a way to identify and know yourself and your life purpose. It can unclutter past negative habits, behaviour and life patterns to make you feel free of life-burdening baggage. Regular practice can reduce appetite and lower physical needs. Experts believe in psychical symptoms where the person feels more energetic all the time due to cosmic awakening. They can sense the movement of energy flow across the body chakras. They may not feel anxious or depressed. They feel the energy around the crown chakras that are located on the head top, a kind of prickly, itching, tingling and crawling sensations along the scalp that moves down the spine and a sense of vibration on the top of the head like energy moving out from the head in a shower. People undergoing strong emotional life phase may feel the pressure in the heart chakras.


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