The Relationship Between Bangladesh Government and Media‘’relationship’’

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The Relationship between Bangladesh Government and Media‘’Relationship’’ in this today’s modern world has become so much complicated, because conversation has got the shape of texting, arguments has become phone calls and feelings has become status update on different social media. Media relationship has become a new trend which has got a dynamic dimension because of its function, objectives and impacts on different organizations. Modern technologies, uses of ICT, social network apps have given “media relation’’ a new and prominent outlook which influence our day to day emotions on different consequences.

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Media relationship means: According to dictionary, the meaning can be defined in this way that it focuses and include relationships with different kind of members of the press to get publicity or to create publicity on different important issue. Media Relations actually describes the inside story of an organization. It helps to express the objectives and functions of an organization to the outside public. Even it transmits organization’s message through the mass media. Media relations is a complex process involving an organization’s media relations strategy, media relations professionals, journalists, editors, and media enterprises (Supa, 2014)

Media relation’s tripod frame: With the advent of new technologies, traditional media relations are challenged to adapt to new concepts (Bentele & Nothhaft, 2008) Media relation is basically consisted of three important elements.

Major principles should maintain by Goverment organization to continue a helathy media relationship:

  1. Relationship is necessary and important fact for organization and the media. The positive behavior of organization makes the situation of relationship with media good or bad.
  2. The organization must speak openly without hesitation,
  3. Must prepare a specific spokesperson or is needed multiple spokespeople can be introduced with main message.
  4. The person who is aware of the situation should be selected as a spokesperson.
  5. Denying fact or No answer will never be an option.
  6. Every important and real question should be answered.
  7. Should take reporters and their view as constructive mood and open mood rather than enemies’ outlooks.
  8. To make government organization accountable to all of its publics.
  9. It should view the news media as one of the vehicles to communicate.
  10. The organization must not think adversely to control the media or their view of what is newsworthy. Rather it can help by adding other information to discuss issues to that matter.
  11. Between government organization and media relations office should always be in helping mentality in all situations.
  12. Reporters should have professionalism when dealing with government organizations.

Inevitable organs of Bangladesh Government: Bangladesh Government consists of three basic organs: (1) The legislature, (2) The judiciary and (3) The Executive. Important roles of three organs:

  • Make necessary policy, important rules and regulations to keep society in a right track and phase.
  • Try to uphold people’s fundamental right.
  • Try to create and increase sustainable development in the every sector of the society.
  • Help to create a resilient infrastructure for the society.
  • Make people aware of their own democratic right and try to diminish inequality from person to person
  • Create a positive atmosphere for decent economic growth.

“MEDIA RELATION” can work as a Fourth pillar or Fourth organ for the BANGLADESH GOVERNMENT:

  1. Give and bring out the positive outlook: Media relation has the capacity to express about the goals, mission and vision of the government organizations. So public can easily understand the main motto of government organizations or a specific public organization. Positive type media relation with the government organization creates a positive atmosphere for both and public get the chance to collect positive news about these organizations. Actually it upholds the positive dimension in the long run.
  2. Come to know about Citizen charter ship: In each government organization, citizen charter ship is definitely needed. It helps to understand the working system, working areas and capacity of the government organizations. Public can easily understand what kind of services can they get from a specific organization. Media relation with the government organization can play a vital role here. They can easily and publically publish all these motto, right, service. General people can be benefited from this publication. In this way government can be successful to give and make aware all people; specifically the grass-root people of the specific service and can fulfill their vision 2021, vision 2041 and election agenda.
  3. Make people aware of their own fundamental right: In a democratic society, “Mass media’’ works as a watch- dog. In our constitutions some important fundamental rights have been described. People get the chance to know accurately all their right properly when it is clearly interpreted from time to time in the different media. In our parliament session all these fundamental rights are discussed on different issue on different times. With the help of the relation with the media, Government can easily express his view on all of that fundamental rights and collect public opinion whenever it is needed. So here we see media relation plays a vital role in this circumstance.
  4. Create decent economic growth: When Government tries to sign treaties on different economic issues and polices, try to understand the public pulse, opinion and also the judgment on those issues at that time. Government then takes the help of the mass-media. Positive relationship with the media, helps Government a lot to express his own view and also help to create positive public opinion on different policies which most of the time creates a positive path and atmosphere for decent economic growth.
  5. Sustainable development for the country: To fulfill SDGs agenda of 17 goals, 169 targets, and 241 indicators by 2030, Bangladesh Government has to do a vast work in a short time. Here different Medias are the inevitable mouth spokes of Government policies. With the relationship with the media, Government can easily express their policies, agenda, and rules regulation easily within a short time. Which basically helps Government much to fulfill his agenda.
  6. Visible Transparency can be understood: In a democratic society, main feature is the transparency of the government. Media can easily detect the level of government’s transparent mentality. When government shows reluctant mood to become a reliable transparent authority in the society, media then works as a responsible watcher to put adequate pressure on the related authorities. By getting pressure from the different media, Government always remains alert about not only of the transparency but also of the visible transparency.
  7. Judge ‘Accountability’ and ‘reliability’ of the Government: Media plays the vital role to find out the accountability and reliability of the present Government. With the help of doing and fulfilling different kinds of public service agenda, spreading and expanding different kinds of social safety net programmers in different situation Government also try to create a real accountability and reliability inside the general public. With the relationship with media, Government can easily perform this duty successfully and creates accountability of the ongoing authority in the mass people.
  8. Keep laws, rules and regulations on the right track in a democratic society: If we see the present situation of the media in our democratic country, we can easily understand the value and importance of the media. By expressing the real situation and truth to the mass people, the mass-media actually gives a little bit chance to the related authority of the different branches of the Government to break the laws, rules and regulations. Government therefore, always remains alert about keeping the lawful society in any circumstance.
  9. Diminish inequality in a democratic society: To fulfill the Goal 10 (diminish inequality) of SDG, Government is trying its best to create equal opportunity for various kinds of people in every sector.

Government is also giving importance on creating decent job opportunities to control the poverty and making a zero ‘hunger society’. By doing all these, Government is trying to create a society which will be equal for whole nations, where everyone can share their equal rights. Media here works as a spokesperson to say about the present situation of equality in the present situation, focus on what sectors should be given importance and what necessary strategy should be taken for creating an atmosphere of equality.

In the conclusion part, it can be said that positive relationship between Bangladesh government and the media give a positive vibrant of creating a sustainable developed society. It should not be wrong if we entitle ‘the media relation’ as a fourth organ of Bangladesh government because of its vital role, impacts and functions in our present democratic society.

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