The Relationship Between Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Grandparents and grandchildren make the best pair. There is an emotion and connection between grandparents and grandchildren, which is not seen in any other relation. No wonder why grandchildren always love spending time with their grandparents. The bond they share is everlasting and the wisdom they impart is universal.

Charlie Sheldon's book STRONG HEART walks us through the journey of bonding between relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, a grandfather and his granddaughter. It is a beautiful story. The book contains few maps. The story has been narrated beautifully. While reading this book I felt very calm. You can sense a positive vibe from the very beginning and that keeps you going till the story comes to an end.

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One rainy day, Tom, William and his daughter Myra are preparing themselves for going camping. They hear a knock on the door, on opening the door they see Ruth, Tom's ex wife standing on the other side, holding a child. Ruth declares that the child is Tom's granddaughter and that he has to take care of her while her father is away in Europe. Tom was unaware that his dead daughter Becky, left a child behind. Initially though they decided to call off the camp but eventually William and Myra convinced Tom that they should go for the camping and that they should take Sarah, his newly discovered granddaughter along.

As they headed out, Sarah seemed to be against the idea of going camping. After walking for few hours they decided to set up their camp. There they sat and we learn about the history of Tom and his family as he tells them to Sarah, who is interested in listening to them. Sarah seems to be bonding pretty quick with her grandad. As they continue their adventure and they face new challenges, we find the writer focusing more on Tom and Sarah. William and Myra are not totally forgotten though.

I'll give this book 3 out of 4 stars. This book doesn't fail in making you remember your grandparents. The writer could have decided not to send them for camping after Sarah appeared from nowhere but in that case the story wouldn't be half as beautiful as it is. Sarah seemed to be too strong a character for her age.

It seems like you are listening to your own grandad telling you about the adventures he embarked upon. You can read this book over and over and not get bored of it. The error takes away the fourth star that it definitely deserved.This book is sure to be liked by people who love to go on adventures. You'll find it difficult to keep yourself from smiling while reading about the bonding between the duo.

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