Essays on The Reluctant Fundamentalist

by Mohsin Hamid

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The main essay topics on The Reluctant Fundamentalist are how it is used to Islamize society, and how 9/11 affected the Muslim community's relations with other communities. The writer can ... analyze the character behavior of the reluctant fundamentalist. The reluctant fundamentalist focuses on issues of terrorism and radical measures the US government took after 9/11. Although the measures were meant to protect the US citizens, the US Muslim community was treated with suspicion henceforth. It is important for society and government to protect its people but not at the expense of some society members. If one member does wrong, they should be dealt with as an individual but not as a community. The effects of 9/11 shall be in the minds of many Americans for many years.

Mohsin Hamid


Novel, Psychological Fiction

Publication date

1 March 2007

Major Characters

Changez, The Stranger, Erica, Jim, The Waiter, Wainwright, Juan-Batista, Jeepney driver


The major topics of the novel are racism and fundamentalism. The author, shows how people judge one another based on their clothing, their skin color, and their mannerisms.

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