The Republic of China: History, Tourism, Food, Ets.

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Table of Contents

  • History
  • Culture
  • Natural landmarks
  • Safety
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Variety of food
  • Investments
  • Real estate
  • Environment
  • Inexpensive living

THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA is a country with a long history and ancient civilization. As early as 4,000 BC, there were settlements in the range of Yellow River. Chinese always tell their history from the Xia Dynasty, which began in the 21st century BC and was followed by all the ddynasties until 1911 when Sun Yat-sen was proclaimed the president of the Republic of China. In 1921, the Communist Party of China was founded. After this, the communist cooperated with Sun Yat-sen's Nationalists, but broke with the Nationalist after Sun died. Then the Communist Party began to establish its army, called as Red Army. Shortly before the Anti-Japanese War (1936-1945) the Red Army formally established Through protracted and arduous struggle under the leadership of the party and her chairman, Mao Zedong, the Chinese people founded the People's Republic of China in 1949.

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After 1949, The People's Republic of China (also called as New China locally) experienced the Korea Wall with Americans, and about 10 years rapid growing period, and then suffered a 3-year long hard time because of natural disasters and withdraw of Soviet Union's aid. From 1966-1976 China had its "Cultural Revolution", a nation-wide movement against feudalism (also including religion) and capitalism. As a result, China's economy was stopped. After 1978, when Mr. Deng Xiaoping came into the top leader, China began a reform and opening program, and has enjoyed a 20 years of rapid development.


China has over 5000+ years of history. This makes for a very interesting country to learn about. You can spend years like I have learning about China and never even get all the information. The history is one thing that makes China a very unique, and appealing country.


China, like it’s history, has a very in depth and detailed culture. As a western foreigner, I think some of China’s culture is a little dated, but overall, I think it’s an amazing good culture to learn about. Everything from lucky number 8, to not putting chopsticks straight up in rice. The culture of China is very rich (detailed), and it’s a positive.


Everybody knows: China’s economy is booming. Cities pop out of nowhere within months and mid-sized cities become metropolis. Being part of this boom is very exciting I think. I have never experience such an upswing before. Definitely very unique. China has an immensely growing economy. Always neck and neck with India. The growth rate and speed of China’s growing economy makes it one of the most powerful countries in the world. And it will take the #1 spot eventually.

Natural landmarks

China is a beautiful country. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but one thing every world traveler (who has been to many countries) can agree on, is that China is one of the most beautiful if not the most, country in the world. China is a large country, so it has the advantage of having more things when compared to other countries. I’m a Chinese descendent born in Thailand (although I did not speak a single Chinese word, even my local dialect, before 2008 due to the Thai Chinese population are relatively well assimilated into the mainstream culture of Thailand). I remembered a time when I was young, China had a rather bad impression in Thailand, largely due to negative press.

My perspective began to change when I actually visited China for the first time in 2008, the year of Beijing Olympics.During that time, I was an undergraduate student in the US, and I heard a lot of mainstream media talking about their economic miracle around that time. I thought I would love to get a chance to see what’s all about with my own eyes!I was blown away!I did indeed see the economic miracle! The big airports. The high-speed rail. The urban transportation infrastructure. Life in Chinese big cities seem to be far more convenient than even in Bangkok, Thailand!It was that undergraduate summer program in 2008 in Beijing that I got a chance to learn Chinese and traveled around China for the first time. That was the first moment of affection for a country of my ancestry.


There is no place where I feel as safe as in China. There are people everywhere, also at night. This makes me feel so safe compared to other places around the world. Certainly, there are bad areas and crime is just as present but I just get a feeling of security in China. All my other expat friends feel the exact same way.


Everywhere I went in China I always felt welcome at all times. I had no “racist” experience whatsoever. I am sure there are a lot of Chinese who don’t like the streams of foreigners flocking into their country but at least I never had this personal experience.3. NEVER BORINGChina is a very big, and very diverse country. It’s almost the opposite of a lot of westernized countries. Like all countries, there is a thousand reasons a person can love China. China has good, and it has bad, just like all countries. Here are some things that are generally good things about China. Mind you, this list is based off of China, and is generalized.


China in my opinion is one of the safest countries in the world.Tourists SafetyChina puts in a lot of extra effort into tourists protection, and safety then they do their own citizens. A lot of work, and money goes into tourism.Tourist areas in China have the highest police presence. With many really popular areas having police posts and stationed people at almost every intersection.


Tourists are important to China. China spends a lot of money on cities that attract tourism. They spend a lot of time/money cleaning up the cities, including trash/litter, they work on landscaping a lot.No one does tourism like China does. Not USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan,India. China is king when it comes to tourism.Everything looks amazing to tourists. Not just overseas tourists, but also China tourists who travel between regions. A lot of work goes into ancient cities, theme parks/water parks, temples and other attractions.China also has a very friendly attitude towards foreigner visitors. It’s called positive discrimination..The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about, is pick pockets, and that’s rare on itself. And getting run over by a car, or bus if you decide to Jay walk. And your basic scams that are everywhere. Once you understand the scams, they are all avoidable.China overall is very safe everywhere as a tourist, even in non tourist areas. But more so more safe in tourist areas.


When it comes to transportation, China is king. There is not a single country that can compare to the methods of transportation that China has. China is a very big country, and one thing they did right is transportation. China has more buses then all other countries in the world combined. China has more high speed rails then all other countries in the world combined. It is extremely easy to get a taxi, uber, or rickshaw in all parts of China. . The public transportation is great!In big cities, you can travel by subways which are fast, punctual and cheap. From cities to cities, you can travel by fast trains. Plane is not that expensive either.

Variety of food

Food in China is just amazing. You can travel all over China and never eat the same foods. Every region in China specializes in different styles of food. China utilizes every aspect of everything, no waste, so there is such a variety of amazing food’Awesome foodThere are varieties of food here, hotpot, noodles, coconut rice.. cuisines are different in different areas. Sichuan and Hunan food tend to be spicy, Shanghai cuisine tends to have a light taste.. In mega cities, you can have food from other countries as well.


Because of the economy, China makes for a great country to do investments in. There is overall a better return, and higher chance of success for investing in China, and businesses in China than compared to other countries.

Real estate

Real estate in China is booming. Which more building and cities being built than anywhere else in the world. It doesn’t take China long to create new real estate, however, because of the speed/cost, they are lower quality. But it’s still a good thing that so much is growing.


China has a very big stance on environmental programs. You may think of smog, pollution, dirty when thinking of China, but that was so 10 years ago. China’s efforts have reversed much of that and the amount of green programs they have is overwhelmingly positive.

Inexpensive living

When you compare China to other countries - overall China is much cheaper to live in. That isn’t true for all parts of China as China is very big. But overall, living in China is much cheaper if you are converting from another country such as USA or Canada. But China does have expensive cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, or any Tier 1 and 2 city. ———Entertainment———China spends a lot of government, and private money on entertainment. The culture and festivals that China offers are just amazing. They are not taken lightly. Big plays, shows, fireworks, performances, lighting, decorations; China goes all out out on Entertainment costs. It’s a must see. They do it better than any other country.


Look no further than the Four Ancient Capitals of China. All cities were once imperial centers of military and government and are now towering metropolises of commerce. They remain important, but have changed and adapted to the times.During my lifetime, China has been changing each year. It seems there’s always a taller building, a faster train, a new megacity. My first visit ten years ago with some classmates was such a distant memory compared to the China of today. Each time I visit Shanghai, it’s like I’m in a new place. Some of these changes aren’t all great- like the loss of street food and destruction of old neighborhoods, but the excitement of being in the world’s largest construction zone appeals to my senses (since I’m from quiet little Iowa).


Yes, there are interpersonal problems in China, like anywhere else. But, it always amazes me how well people get along and go about their lives. I can arrive by train into a strange city at 4am and not worry about my safety as I walk to a hostel. I have seen some arguments, but never any violence here. The shame of crime seems to deter more than the fear of police. Neighborhoods blend seamlessly and walking alone through unknown districts is endlessly fascinating.Many job opportunitiesThere are so many jobs and start ups. As long as you are not lazy, and you have some education and skills, you can find a job for you. I find Chinese people are generally diligent. They usually like to work and make money. Hard-working is considered a virtue. When I talk with young people here, I find many of them are less idealistic, but very practical.

There are many open minded peopleThis may sound confusing to some people. Because many think Chinese people are close minded communists. But actually, I find many Chinese are open to western ideas, kids study English, French and other foreign languages at a young age. Many students choose to study overseas. The number of Chinese tourists travelling abroad is rising. When you talk to some people, they would always say China needs to learn from America, needs to learn from Europe… I don’t hear such words often from people of “developed“ countries. This is something I really admire about, their open attitude and humbleness.why can’t you be like one of those other countries with a less than 1,000 years old background??Before I set my mind on China, I had been studying quite a few other places in the world. I liked a lot of those places and I enjoyed studying them. I liked them a lot. They were relaxing to live in too, well-developed, and comfortable. In all honesty, China has given me some pretty stressful moments I wouldn’t have experienced in other places. Whilst living there, I encountered problems daily, there were many moments I sincerely did not enjoy it.

So why am I confessing my love for China and not to one of those other places? The reason is simple:China is continuously interesting, a never-ending adventure. It never gets boring, and there’s always something new to explore or think about. Although I liked the other places I studied in the past, I still couldn’t help but feel a little *meh* about them. It is impossible to feel *meh* about China.Song, the golden age of the Tang, the establishment of bureaucracy and standardization of everything in the Han and Qin, and the philosophical and religious musings of the Warring States and Zhou. Even trying to understand one aspect of China today takes you further.

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