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The Requirements Of Working to a Brief

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In this task, I will be writing about the requirements of working to a brief by explaining different types of briefs, reading a brief, negotiating a brief and the opportunities of briefs.

What is a brief in media?

A brief is a document that states the list of objectives that the customer or client is telling the employee what to do on their project. It also serves as a legal document that can be used in the court of law. There are many different types of briefs that a client and an employee that draft up together.

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Types of briefs

Contractual brief

A contractual brief is a legal document which is created between the employee and the client. It states the duties that the company and how it organizes their work. Also, the expectations of the client are written on the brief, the prices they agreed upon as well as the payment. The advantages of having a contractual brief are that the company gives you an idea of what the client wants, while also setting a reasonable price range. The disadvantages of a contractual brief are that the client may want a heavy workload form the employee, which could strain them. Creativity is needed as the client will probably want written work instead of graphical designs.

Formal brief

A formal brief is written as a document that has detailed information about what the client needs to the company to strive for. It is a straightforward document which refrains from adding in unwanted information. The brief may not always be a legal document. The advantages of creating a formal brief are that the document itself is very clear. Also, formal briefs are not always a legal-binding document, companies may express their opinions, as well as their ability to work around the contract. Disadvantages of formal briefs are that the contract is may be opposed, the client and employee may disagree on the terms of the brief.

Informal brief

An informal brief is a less professional than a typical brief, where it outlines the project verbally, as this type of brief does not require any means of a written document. There are discussions between the client and the employee, where the will come to an agreement over the details of the contract. The advantages of an informal brief are that there is no real guideline, more freedom is available to the employee to influence their opinions before the client closes the case. The disadvantages of having an informal brief is that are no exceptions. An employee may not want to perform the task that involves a heavy workload, which may disinterest the client and may look elsewhere for someone to complete their project.

Co-operative brief

Co-operative briefs are created when two or more companies are employed to operate upon a set of briefs, which they complete in using on a team basis. The project has to be completed by a deadline, otherwise, the client will be very dissatisfied. The advantages of co-operative briefs are that working in a team will solidify a social and communication side of each team and will help further in producing of the project. The disadvantages of co-operative briefs are that if the deadline is due and come empty handed, both companies will have displeased the client and will not employ them is future projects.

Negotiated brief

A negotiated brief is when a client and employee will come to a specified agreement upon the brief of the project. This would include the final ideas of both parties. This important because the client and employee will agree to the problems of the projects in the future. The advantages of negotiated briefs are that the ideas of both the employee and the client. So, that the end product will please both of them and would less likely to not argue the terms of the legal agreements. The disadvantages of negotiated briefs are that they may argue over a disagreement. That would likely make the client siphon away their projects out to another company.

Commission brief

A commission brief is when a large corporation employs an independent company to create their product or project for them. This type of brief is negotiated between the two companies. Advantages of commission briefs are that the company will be paid for creating a specific amount of the product. It may be paid a fraction of the profits generated by the product once it’s distributed. The disadvantages of commission briefs are that the larger company may get greedy and might not give not enough or any credit for the completion of the product. This creates unfair advantages which may lead to independence.

Tender brief

A tender brief is when a client produces an advert, saying that their product is needed to be created. This is a way to attract new employers, they will create a brief, budget as well as a proposal, which is pitched to the client. The one with the most impressive proposal will be hired by the client. The advantages of a tender brief are that their competition, which will make the employee more determined and motivated to create a high level of work, that will make them more active as a company.

Competition brief

Competition briefs are accessible to all production that is interested in the project, each company will conduct their own briefs to the client and all of the finished products will be judged. The most impressive one will be used by the client. The advantages of a competition brief are that because of the heavy workload, the employee would strive to impress the client, by completing the work by the deadline and etc. this would impress the client so that they would be hired individually. The disadvantages of this type of brief are the winner of the competition may have to pay a fee as opposed to the runner-up.


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