The Research of the "Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort & Spa"

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Conference Facilities Example
  • Front Office Departments
  • Housekeeping Departments
  • Food Production Department
  • House Keeping Department
  • Front Office Department
  • Food and Beverage Department
  • Food Production
  • SWOT Analysis
  • External Environment-Opportunities and Threats
    Internal Environment-Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Product
  • Conclusion


We were assigned to choose and research a hotel in Kota Kinabalu, so we have decided to research Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort & Spa.

Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort & Spa was founded and opened on August 1996. A total of 489 guestroom and 10 suites. The architect whom designed Shangri-La was from Singapore, his name is Tsao Che Ann.

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The history of the building was quite awesome. At the year of 1996, there was a Nature Reserved Orangutan Rehabilitation. Sooner in the same year, they finished the construction of Championship Golf Course, Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club.

During 2008, They added 2 blocks of premier Rooms, Ocean Wing. Year 2012, Garden Wing Rooms and public area refurbishments. As for 2015, 2 new additional Ocean Wing blocks. Lastly during the latest year 2016, they have successfully managed the Orangutan Rehabilitation Programme, a support to the the Sepilok wildlife center.

Shangri-La does not only have an awesome and interesting history of building, it also has a lot of achievements and awards. Like for example, Excellence in 5-Star Hotel Services, Tourism Malaysia Awards was taken by them between 2014 to 2015. They also had taken Best Spa Experience Sabah Tourism Awards during 2015. During 2015, Ranked No.3-Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Malaysia was taken by Shangri-La as well. Every hotel or company will have their own vision, mission and objectives, that also include Shangri-La Hotel & Resort. For the research of this information, we went on ahead and receive some of the information from their website.

First of all, their vision is to be the first priority for the guest and let them put the hotel as one of their decision. Second, their mission is to satisfy their guest by providing them the best services experiences of their time. Their 2012 objectives include communication(internal and External awareness), reduction of waste to the landfill by 2% , reduction of Electricity consumption.

There are a lot of facilities provided in Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, that is clinic, conference Facilities, Facilities for the physically challenged, internet café, non-smoking rooms, parking facilities and safe deposit box.

Conference Facilities Example

There is also a babysitting/ Child care inside the resort premises, which is provided to parents whom are in need of child care or help. It is also helpful to parents who needs babysitter to take care of their child while they are out. For their Services, it contains of complimentary shoeshine service, express check-in and check-out services, laundry & Valet service, and lastly photo processing service.

As for the travel and transportation, they provide airport transfer for those customers whom just arrived from the airport and also to those who needs transport to the airport for the departure. They also provide car rental service, city shuttle service and taxi service. So that the customer will not have any problems in their visit and vacations.

There is a gift shop located inside the resort, as it is convenient for the tourist to buy any of the merchandise from the shop and bring back to their own land as a gift. As for the food and beverage service, there is a 24-hour Room service. And also 5 restaurants and 2 bars.

Front Office Departments

Front office departments are very important to the hotel, as the staff from the front office department greets and assist the customers, giving the customer their first impression to the hotel. Staff working at the front desk is in charge of making payment and listen to any complaint from the customers.

Housekeeping Departments

Housekeeping is an operation department in a hotel, which is responsible in maintaining the cleaniness of a hotel, public area,back area and surroundings. The preparation of the hotel rooms must be done before the next guest. Hotel survives on the sales of room, food and beverages.

Food Production Department

Food production is a department involved in food preparation. A process, in which raw foods are cooked and served as a dish. A chef is in charge of purchasing the sup Importance & Responsibilities of the hotel

House Keeping Department

As we all know housekeeping is important in the hotel industry. The importance is having a guest feel comfortable is the top priority. So the essential requirement that guest have is to be able to check into a clean room. Apart from that, the housekeeping department is responsible for cleaning the guest rooms, stocking essential supplies and amenities, laundry and maintenance of public areas. Housekeeping is one of the most important departments in the hotel, therewas up to 50% of all employees stay in this departments.

Moreover, the executive Housekeeper must be responsible in scheduling, coordinating, managing people, etc. Room Attendants are responsible for cleaning of individual guest rooms. Housekeepers work from a Rooms Report which provides them with the status of all guest rooms from which they can prioritize their work. In conclusion, we need to master the skill in housekeeping department in order to maximize satisfaction of guests.

Front Office Department

At hotels, front desk staff and lobby officer are playing very important role in welcoming every guest, arranging the room, registration, and also assist them by providing useful information for enquiries. Sometimes also received complaints and the responsible staff will solve the problems. Moreover, duty of bellhops is to lead the guest with their luggage to their room. They will always greet the guests along with their name in order to show respect to the guest with their friendly manners.

The responsibilities of front officeemployees is to receive reservation from the customers. Most of the hotel use a computerized property management system to store information about reservation, room rates, room availability, inventory allocation and pricing. Normally the concierge department would be the source of information for guest like recommended some of the most popular local restaurant and tourist spot to the tourist from another countryso they can more understand our country culture.

Food and Beverage Department

Food and Beverage is a very important department as itshows the customer their quality service and also let the guest feels like they are staying in their own home.Because food and beverage is important to the hospitality industries, as it takes up to half of the profit of the hotels. So the Food and beverage staffs must be well-trained, in order to maintain the department. Speaking of which chef and the whole kitchen staff responsibility is to provide many choices and healthy foods to satisfied customers, and control the cost of the food ingredient, they are also in charge of managing the operations of the restaurant and bars in the hotel.

There are various type of restaurant in the hotel, for an example all day dining restaurants, fine dining restaurants, speciality restaurants, lounge, bar and more.Hygiene of the restaurant must be essential, because customer will not be satisfied with the hygiene of the restaurant and it might damage the reputation of the restaurant. For example, the dinning table must be kept clean and prepared for the next guest. The floor of the restaurant must be clean every day before closing. As for the back of the house, The kitchen must maintain clean as all of foods and beverage are out from the kitchen. So maintaining hygiene of the kitchen is a must.

Food Production

Food production department in the hotel is in order to prepare good quality of foods like all the raw materials are cooked, vegetables and fruit must to be fresh, maintain seasonal ingredients. They have to ensure all the dish serve on time with quality, tasted good and nice presentation. A dish that serve to the guest not just only to fulfill the hunger but is also a satisfaction on food desire too.

Being a chef that work in food production department not only having a good skills in kitchen but also have to handle many responsibilities too. The responsible of a chef is create new recipe according to the seasonal food ingredients, need to budget control for all the kitchen expenses, preparation of food, organization of kitchen; at the same time also beware of the safety standards.

Cleanliness is very important, to avoid any virus to spread on the food so the environment of the kitchen must clean. To do this, every staff work in the kitchen must always aware of cleanliness with wearing their formal uniform and understand all the rules in the kitchen to avoid of make any mistakes.

The in charge of kitchen need to ensure enough of main power to working to avoid lake of working quality.

SWOT Analysis

External Environment-Opportunities and Threats

The opportunities of this hotel are other international brands are building mid-market hotels in this region. Shangri-La due to its history is in good honor luxury hotel brand. Entry into new markets seem like the next step for them through tourism. The partnership from others that are hospitality industry is one of the important opportunity for them to attract more guests or tourist to increase their economy. In addiction, the threats for them are Asia is shifting to the mid-market segment and increased labour costs. It’s make them more harder to provide their quality service for guests. The competition from others hotel will be the serious threat for them. Rival hotels will set up their base and they will lower their prices to make it more competitive.

Internal Environment-Strengths and Weaknesses

The strengths of this hotel are represents Asian culture, Asia’s leading luxury hotel group, 70 and above hotels under 4 brands across the world, the Business hotels are known to be the best in their category, good honor customer loyalty, and aspirational brand. If there have any strengths, there also include some weaknesses which are its fame and brand is limited to Asia and its limited focus on their business traveller.


Product defined in the capacity of goods or services. The product of this hotel is providing a quality service for customers and guests. The types of rooms is the important role in the product. There are four types of rooms provided for guests which are Deluxe Room, Deluxe Garden Room, Luxury Garden View Room and Luxury Sea View Room.


Service is the most important to a company especially service industry like hotels. In order to increase the sales of hotel in long term, the service that provided by the hotels must have a excellent standard. If a hotel has a very poor service, customers will incline to avoid from staying in such hotel to avoid staying in this hotels. In other words, customers are always searching for a hotel which provides them the best services of all. Shangri-La hotel not only have five star reputations, but also have a very excellent service that provide for customers all the time. Supplying a premium customer service to clients will help the business grow and it can create a loyal customers.Last, Shangri-La resorts is a very successful company, there will provide a good service and product to let customers know there have a excellent in this hotel.

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